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Returning to race on a course you have raced on before is a good way to measure improvement or un-improvement. Four weeks ago my run in the SFP 5k was about 22:52, yesterday it was about 22:50. I suppose that's progress. More interesting were the splits: yesterday I took more advantage of the downhills.
6 Nov 4 Dec
km 1 4:25 4:31
km 2 4:31 4:52
km 3 4:49 4:44
km 4 4:29 3:54
km 5 4:39 4:49
lap 1 11:22 11:50
lap 2 11:30 11:00
time 22:52 22:50

There was a gale blowing which did affect the splits somewhat!

Monday's training at Parliament House: Andrew, Miranda, Ewen & I ran early. Then for the main session we ran in teams of three for 30 minutes, 600m hard and 500m easy recovery. Going on memory, please correct me if I am wrong, teams were Andrew S, Andrew N & Andy; Lucia, Jen & Sarah; Kym, Susan & Eliza, Craig, Derek (new) & Ewen; Tony, Miranda & Christopher. There were some intense personal battles and close team finishes.

Craig was presented with a rather large green metal goose awarded for his sub 20 5k performance, and we retired to Fig & Olive at Chisholm where six who trained plus Helen & Warrick enjoyed a meal and a chat.

Meanwhile, friends keep having birthdays. Happy Birthday Trish Dalziel, 60 years old today!

I coached Trish many years ago and she became a first class race walker.

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  1. A measurable un-improvement for me. Tailwind down the hills was overcome by the headwind up the mountains!