Saturday, 1 December 2012

making hay while the sun doesn't shine

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, December 01, 2012 with 3 comments
Vets Track Thursday 29 November
M50 Rod Lynch 11:36.48 73.4%
M40 Craig Davis 12:03.95 66.3
W50 Helen Larmour 12:38.08 80.7
M50 Roger Pilkington 12:41.99 67.6
M60 Geoff Moore 14:27.71 65.3

4x800m relay approximate splits
M50 Rod Lynch 2.30
M40 Craig Davis 2.46
M50 Roger Pilkington 3.06
W50 Helen Larmour 3.08
W60 Cathy Montalto 3.33

spiral 6
3 Craig Davis M40 10:31
10 Helen Larmour W50 10:37
22 Roger Pilkington M50 11:09
26 Cathy Montalto W60 13:19
29 Ruth Baussmann W60 14:42

Ginninderra Parkrun #32 Saturday 1 December
16 Brett MORRISON 23:12
57 finishers

Just a slow 16k this morning. Very, very slow. I saw Liz at the start, but we headed off in different directions. Good to see her starting back again so soon. Lots of cyclists so I ran off the path whenever possible, too hot so I ran off the path whenever possible, but the sun stayed under the clouds for half of the run, which helped a bit.

Tomorrow- Stromlo at 8:30am.


  1. Getting back into things so soon after surgery is good for both mind and body. WOW! I felt the heat/humidity though. Totally enjoyed my mid morning coke :)

  2. It felt cool after Thursday night.