Monday, 10 December 2012


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Coast to Kosci - congratulations to Pam Muston, second female in 34:28:22. That's a long time to be running uphill. A report by JogBlog here.

Spring Series race #5 - December 4
Stromlo Forest Park 5k
23. Craig Davis 20:50
30. Geoff Moore 22:50
34. Ewen Thompson 23:21
44. Susan Sturgeon 25:02
54. Mick Charlton 28:37
60 finishers

Black Mountain Challenge
24. Kym Chisholm 25:48
36. Maria O'Reilly 27:01
54. Roger Pilkington 29:50
84. Jenny Bodel 35:29
103. Helen Larmour 40:09
128 finishers

Kiama photos taken by Andy & Miranda
View from their home

Photographing the photographer

Stork impersonation


  1. Great view! You can check to see if the surf's up before heading down to the beach.

  2. Thanks for linking to my C2K report SpeedyGeoff. I can highly recommend crewing to all runners. There is much to be learnt from crewing for other runners. Might see you on the road/path/trail on Sat :)

    1. Happy to join you Saturday, are you starting at 8:00?

  3. Hmmm .... I'm a "may be" for an 8am start on Sat. Crewing at C2K plus a crazy return to work = <5hrs sleep/night average over the last 7 days so .... I'll see what time I wake up on Sat and run from there/then :)