Tuesday, 26 June 2012


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We finally decided to cancel our Canberra Times subscription: everything is available on the internet including letters, crosswords and comics, despite the opinion of a writer in today's paper. There is no chance of me becoming illiterate from reading internet articles with their 21st century grammar and spelling; I am reading two or three chapters of a China MiƩville novel every day, which more than compensates; one learns new words and encounters new ideas on every page. Currently, I am starting into his newest epic, "Railsea"

Today remains so, so cold.

Stockyard Spur, Brindabellas

Gungahlin this morning

We have now farewelled Suzie who has left for Alice Springs, via Darwin for a week.
Song of the Week, from http://youtu.be/InTuAeGjr4M Eddie Cantor's If You Knew Suzie,


  1. How does one fold up a computer and do the crossword while stopped at a set of lights?

    I keep abreast of 2012 literacy by being a friend of young people on FB - U should do it 2. lol!

  2. I read the paper while eating breakfast & watching News24, and I do the Guardian crossword in the C'Times in the bedroom while eating lunch. A major change of routine is called for.