Saturday, 30 June 2012

that's what I thought they said

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Ewen running the Sri Chinmoy 5 mile

I was in the Half Marathon

Caroline too

Ewen at the Gold Coast after today's 10k

Ewen's time in the 10k - an excellent 45:11 for 7th fastest M55

Six monthly speedygeese cull: today's the day I drop a few off my contact list who haven't trained with us for a while. Fewer results to look up. That's just five names off this time. Numbers aren't actually dropping, given that I add people to the list when they do come along. Of course they can always rejoin us for a run any time.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival 2012

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 Newsletter 1.
The Bush Capital Bush Marathon Festival in Canberra is now a 2 day event on Saturday 28 July and Sunday 29 July. Online entry is now open at  Please download and read all the event information before entering. There is a 10% discount if you enter by 1 July.
We have moved to a 2 day event as the best part of the marathon and ultra courses in the past has been in Goorooyarroo and Mulligans Flat reserves and we no longer can get approval  to cross busy Horse Park Drive from Majura to Goorooyarroo reserves. Last year's compromise courses in Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura reserves with dog leg additions in Majura Pines and out to Gungaghlin were not popular because of people going off course with multiple races happening and because of 5kms of rough grassy track.
The program this year is:
SATURDAY 28 July 2012
Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura Nature reserves
Campbell High School, Canberra
9.00am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk
11.00am 5km and 10km walks
12.00pm Under 13 years 2km children’s run
12.30pm 10km run
12.35pm 5km run
SUNDAY 29 July 2012
Goorooyarroo and Mulligans Flat Nature reserves
Horsepark Drive, Gungahlin
7.30am 63.3km ultra run and relay (triple half marathon)
8.30am 42.2km bush marathon run, walk and relay; half marathon walk
9.30am 21.1km bush half marathon run
I am looking for helpers for both days. Please register as a volunteer online on the event website
Helpers will receive a choice of Coolmax race T shirt, bottle of wine or chocolates.
John Harding
Race Director
Australian Mountain Running Association

Thursday, 28 June 2012

road sense

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"Going with the flow" on the road has never made sense to me. On the road there are mad drivers, bad drivers, impatient drivers, drunk drivers, speeding drivers, drugged drivers, feral drivers, unregistered drivers, stolen car drivers, P drivers, late drivers, angry drivers, tailgate drivers, cutting in drivers, taxi drivers, fat drivers, hat wearing drivers, and so on. In summary, all the dreaded "Canberra Drivers". Sensible drivers are usually in the minority. I prefer to coast along at a sensible speed, watch the road, and listen to my music. Speaking of which, the next big music concert I plan to attend if I can get tickets, is Mumford & Sons in Canberra in October.

"Going with the flow" is not usually my approach to racing either. Being a pacer rather than a racer, at least for the first half of a race, I tend to start off steadily regardless of the pace that others may be doing, and coast along at much the same speed all the way if I can. It pays off in the long run!

Result Customs 5k Friday 22 June: Andrew 19:46, Bill 26:19, Caroline 28:59.

Training at Dickson Tuesday 26 June: Ewen, Kym & I ran the early long run, then Colin, Susan, Caroline & I on the track after a warm-up ran a pyramid consisting of 100, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100 with recoveries of the same distances.

Good luck to those competing at the Gold Coast this weekend. Many Canberra runners will be there, among them Ewen is running the 10k on Saturday, and Craig the marathon on Sunday.

Some Canberra Half Marathon photos




Yesterday's post had names of the Olympic team members as of mid June. Athletes still have about ten more days to qualify! I will leave the list there and update it when the final team is announced.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Australian Athletes at the Olympics

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For future reference to this post, there is a link at the top, above the blog title.
This is the official list and it will be updated, for example steeplechaser Genevieve LaCaze is yet to be added, there may be others.

Profiles of most of the Australian team members can be found at Click on any name there for a full profile of an athlete.

The full list of nominated  athletes:
MEN (34):
800m: Jeff Riseley (Vic)
1500m: Ryan Gregson (NSW), Jeff Riseley (Vic)
5000m: Collis Birmingham (Vic), David McNeill (Vic), Craig Mottram (Vic)
10,000m: Ben St Lawrence (NSW)
Marathon: Martin Dent (ACT), Jeff Hunt (NSW), Michael Shelley (Qld)
3000m steeplechase: Youcef Abdi (NSW)
400m hurdles: Brendan Cole (ACT), Tristan Thomas (Tas)
20km walk: Chris Erickson (Vic), Adam Rutter (NSW), Jared Tallent (Vic)
50km walk: Luke Adams (NSW), Nathan Deakes (Vic), Jared Tallent (Vic)
Long jump: Henry Frayne (Qld), Mitchell Watt (Qld)
Triple jump: Henry Frayne (Qld)
Pole vault: Steven Hooker (WA)
Shot put: Dale Stevenson (Vic)
Discus throw: Benn Harradine (Vic), Scott Martin (Vic), Julian Wruck (Qld)
Javelin: Jarrod Bannister (Vic)
4x100m relay: Anthony Alozie (Vic), Tim Leathart (NSW), Andrew McCabe (Qld), Isaac Ntiamoah (NSW), Josh Ross (Vic)
4x400m relay: Ben Offereins (WA), Joel Milburn (NSW), Steven Solomon (NSW), John Steffensen (NSW)

WOMEN (20):
100m: Melissa Breen (ACT)
1500m: Kaila McKnight (Vic), Zoe Buckman (ACT)
10,000m: Eloise Wellings (NSW)
Marathon: Jessica Trengove (SA), Lisa Weightman (Vic), Benita Willis (Vic)
100m hurdles: Sally Pearson (Qld)
400m hurdles: Lauren Boden (ACT)
20km walk: Regan Lamble (Vic), Beki Lee (NSW), Claire Tallent (SA)
Pole vault: Alana Boyd (WA), Liz Parnov (WA)
Discus throw: Dani Samuels (NSW)
Javelin: Kim Mickle (WA), Kathryn Mitchell (Vic)
4x100m relay: Melissa Breen (ACT), Hayley Butler (NSW), Jessica Knox (NSW), Sally Pearson (Qld), Charlotte Van Veenendaal (Vic)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


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We finally decided to cancel our Canberra Times subscription: everything is available on the internet including letters, crosswords and comics, despite the opinion of a writer in today's paper. There is no chance of me becoming illiterate from reading internet articles with their 21st century grammar and spelling; I am reading two or three chapters of a China Miéville novel every day, which more than compensates; one learns new words and encounters new ideas on every page. Currently, I am starting into his newest epic, "Railsea"

Today remains so, so cold.

Stockyard Spur, Brindabellas

Gungahlin this morning

We have now farewelled Suzie who has left for Alice Springs, via Darwin for a week.
Song of the Week, from Eddie Cantor's If You Knew Suzie,

Monday, 25 June 2012

London 2012 Athletics Schedule

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Day 7, August 3 2012
Men's 400m Hurdles: round 1
Men's 3000m Steeplechase: round 1
Men's Hammer: qualifying
Men's Shot Put: qualifying
Women's 100m: classification heats
Women's 400m: round 1
Women's Triple Jump: qualifying
Women's Heptathlon: 100m hurdles, high jump
10:00 AM
Men's 1500m: round 1
Men's Long Jump: qualifying
Men's Shot Put: final
Women's 100m: round 1
Women's 10,000m: final
Women's Discus: qualifying
Women's Heptathlon: shot put, 200m

7:00 PM
Day 8, August 4 2012
Men's 100m: classification heats, round 1
Men's 400m: round 1
Women's 3000m Steeplechase: round 1
Women's Pole Vault: qualifying
Women's Heptathlon: long jump, javelin
10:00 AM
Women's Heptathlon: long jump, javelin
Men's 400m Hurdles: semi-finals
Men's 10,000m: final
Men's Long Jump: final
Men's Shot Put: victory ceremony
Men's 20km Race Walk: victory ceremony
Women's 100m: semi-finals, final
Women's 400m: semi-finals
Women's 10,000m: victory ceremony
Women's Discus: final, victory ceremony
Women's Heptathlon: 800m, victory ceremony

6:50 PM
Men's 20km Race Walk

5:00 PM
Day 9, August 5 2012
Men's 100m: semi-finals, final
Men's 400m: semi-finals
Men's 1500m: semi-finals
Men's 3000m Steeplechase: final
Men's 10,000m: victory ceremony
Men's High Jump: qualifying
Men's Long Jump: victory ceremony
Men's Hammer: final
Women's 100m: victory ceremony
Women's 400m: final, victory ceremony
Women's 400m Hurdles: round 1
Women's Triple Jump: final, victory ceremony
Women's Marathon: victory ceremony

6:50 PM
Women's Marathon

11:00 AM
Day 10, August 6 2012
Men's 800m: round 1
Men's Discus: qualifying
Women's 100m Hurdles: round 1
Women's 1500m: round 1
Women's Shot Put: qualifying
10:00 AM
Men's 100m: victory ceremony
Men's 400m: final
Men's 400m Hurdles: final, victory ceremony
Men's Hammer: victory ceremony
Women's 200m: round 1
Women's 400m Hurdles: semi-finals
Women's 3000m Steeplechase: final
Women's Pole Vault: final
Women's Shot Put: final, victory ceremony

6:50 PM
Day 11, August 7 2012
Men's 110m Hurdles: round 1
Men's 200m: round 1
Men's Triple Jump: qualifying
Women's 5000m: round 1
Women's Javelin: qualifying
10:00 AM
Men's 400m: victory ceremony
Men's 800m: semi-finals
Men's 1500m: final
Men's High Jump: final
Men's Discus: final
Women's 100m Hurdles: semi-finals, final
Women's 200m: semi-finals
Women's 3000m Steeplechase: victory ceremony
Women's Long Jump: qualifying
Women's Pole Vault: victory ceremony

6:50 PM
Day 12, August 8 2012
Men's 5000m: round 1
Men's Pole Vault: qualifying
Men's Decathlon: 100m, long jump, shot put
Women's 800m: round 1
Women's Hammer: qualifying
10:00 AM
Men's 110m Hurdles: semi-finals, final
Men's 200m: semi-finals
Men's 1500m: victory ceremony
Men's High Jump: victory ceremony
Men's Discus: victory ceremony
Men's Javelin: qualifying
Men's Decathlon: high jump, 400m
Women's 100m Hurdles: victory ceremony
Women's 200m: final
Women's 400m Hurdles: final, victory ceremony
Women's 1500m: semi-finals
Women's Long Jump: final

6:00 PM
Day 13, August 9 2012
Men's 4 x 400m Relay: round 1
Men's Decathlon: 110m hurdles, discus, pole vault
Women's High Jump: qualifying
9:00 AM
Men's 110m Hurdles: victory ceremony
Men's 200m: final, victory ceremony
Men's 800m: final, victory ceremony
Men's Triple Jump: final, victory ceremony
Men's Decathlon: javelin, 1500m
Women's 200m: victory ceremony
Women's 800m: semi-finals
Women's 4 x 100m Relay: round 1
Women's Long Jump: victory ceremony
Women's Javelin: final

6:30 PM
Day 14, August 10 2012
Men's 4 x 100m Relay: round 1
Men's 4 x 400m Relay: final
Men's Pole Vault: final
Men's Decathlon: victory ceremony
Women's 1500m: final
Women's 5000m: final, victory ceremony
Women's 4 x 100m Relay: final, victory ceremony
Women's 4 x 400m Relay: round 1
Women's Hammer: final, victory ceremony
Women's Javelin: victory ceremony

7:00 PM
Day 15, August 11 2012
Men's 5000m: final, victory ceremony
Men's 4 x 100m Relay: final, victory ceremony
Men's 4 x 400m Relay: victory ceremony
Men's Pole Vault: victory ceremony
Men's Javelin: final, victory ceremony
Men's 50km Race Walk: victory ceremony
Women's 800m: final, victory ceremony
Women's 4 x 400m Relay: final, victory ceremony
Women's High Jump: final, victory ceremony
Women's Hammer: victory ceremony
Women's 20km Race Walk: victory ceremony

6:45 PM
Men's 50km Race Walk

9:00 AM
Women's 20km Race Walk

5:00 PM
Day 16, August 12 2012
Men's Marathon

11:00 AM

I wanted to store the London Olympic Athletics program somewhere for future reference, this is as good a place as any!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

cat traps

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Speedygeese 24/06/12 - Mount Ainslie 9.3k
9 Roger Pilkington M50 45:27 70.5% silver
11 Rod Lynch M50 38:53 81.9
17 Andrew Matthews M50 45:22 70.7
18 Helen Larmour W50 42:05 86.7
23 Janene Kingston W45 48:09 72.0
26 Ewen Thompson M55 55:01 59.0
45 Maria O'Reilly W55 43:52 87.9
49 Christopher Lang M60 54:20 64.2
55 Nadine Morrison W40 45:34 71.5
59 Charles Freer M50 47:13 67.1
60 Cathy Newman W50 49:00 73.6
72 Geoff Moore M60 46:27 75.8
86 Mick Charlton M60 61:27 56.7
91 finishers

Cathy Newman earned her 100 tee today.

24/06/12 - Mt Ainslie 4.5k
2 Jill Pearson W50 22:52 71.6% gold
4 Brett Morrison M40 23:02 57.0 silver
17 Graeme Patrick M55 22:08 67.5
22 Cathy Montalto W55 24:59 69.4
35 finishers

Speedygeese in the Goorooyaroo/Mulligans Flat Half Marathon
19. Geoff Moore M60 1:41:46
26. Graeme Patrick M55 1:46:33
41. Katherine Sheppard W40 2:01:30
42. Cathy Montalto W55 2:02:31
50 finishers (48 individuals + 2 relay teams which placed 3 and 13)

Katherine Sheppard in the pack soon after the start.

No cats are allowed inside the fence at Mulligans Flat

Saturday, 23 June 2012


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Today I ran in the Mulligans Flat/Goorooyaroo Half Marathon as a training run - and managed the same time as I ran in the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon two weeks ago, 1:41-ish. The course was very enjoyable - an off road, undulating, what I would describe as a runnable course.

Soon after the start -photos by John Harding,

There were two packs as you can see. Martin Dent, warming up for his Olympic Marathon, and everybody else.

A little later

I used the initial climb as a warm-up. Here I am passing Nick Blackaby well after the start. The beanie and long sleeved top I discarded at the half way mark, once the frost started to melt. I still had a tee and singlet underneath.

The course -via my Garmin

A note on the course - the turn was at the end of the clockwise loop. i.e. we ran out, did the clockwise loop, then turned and ran it anticlockwise, then ran back to the start.

Course elevation

Meanwhile at Ginninderra Parkrun #9, another big PB for Jill, her first sub 25 parkrun.
15 Jill PEARSON 24:40
31 finishers
Jill is well ahead on the points table, having completed 8 of the 9 parkruns and having officiated at one.

Friday, 22 June 2012


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Last night the speedygeese ran at Parliament House under lights along the western side out of the wind - three sets of sprints along the light poles, as we have done the last couple of weeks. Enjoying the session were Cookie, Andrew, Andy, Bronwyn, Caroline, Colin, Sam & Warrick. Ewen & I just milled around having run 8k earlier.

I spent all my of working life (and some of my sleeping life) at the ABS. I see they have released the latest census data. Interesting reading if you are into that kind of thing. 21,507,717 people were in Australian on Census night. Everything is online at Meanwhile the following I find more interesting these days, having been retired from the ABS for nine years plus.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

a blog on the landscape

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Here is a video via from Ewen of the ACT Cross Country Championships. It features heavy breathing. Rain on the umbrella. Neil’s official commentary. Ewen’s unofficial commentary. More heavy breathing. Me ahead of some good runners. Good runners getting close to lapping me. But mainly, heavy breathing.

It was a nice, cool, relatively windless day. The rain only started late in the 8k. Just in time for the start of the 12k.

A tree at my brother's house has a regular visitor.

This is in suburban Adelaide.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

treadmills get you nowhere*

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*tweeted by Brendan Cole. So four non-treadmillers ran in the open air last night at Dickson and loved it. 10 by 1 minute faster, 1 minute slower. Craig, Colin & I ran with Suzie celebrating her last run with the speedygeese before she moves to Alice Springs via Darwin this weekend. We met up with Neil & Yelena later on to continue the celebrations.

Suzie @ Tilley's

Good luck Suzie, see you at the Melbourne marathon if not before!

Last Friday's Customs 5k result: Bill Arthur 26:12, Caroline Campbell 29.24

I suppose with my son turning 41 today I could post a photo. I have plenty of recent photos but this is not one of them.

Nathan when he had hair.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sri Chin Jets

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Cookie & Bronwyn in the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon

Three of us

Two of us

Bronwyn highly visible 

Cookie catching runners

nearly there

In the finishing straight. Cookie ran 7 minutes 12 seconds better than her previous pb.

Song of the week. Better, by Screaming Jets.
From .

Meanwhile Miranda and Andy are crossing Wales by foot: with eight days down and four days to go, they have experienced two kinds of weather.

Miranda says Hi to all the speedygeese.