Wednesday, 8 February 2012

so near and yet so not near at all.

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, February 08, 2012 with 5 comments
A goal of mine in 2012 is to run a 5k in 20.12. Last night I tried to run fast, albeit after a hard morning's straining and training, in the Summer Series 5k "Boat House East". A tricky little course but one I do train on occasionally. With (according to my Garmin) splits of 10:12 and 10:00, it was the target time of 20:12 already, to my surprise. But it is bound to be rounded up in the official results. So near!

However the "bad news is", my Garmin registered the distance as 4.86k, so the start/finish line was a bit out. The extra bit would have been flat, firm sand; my time projects to ~20.45 or so. Not near at all! But a good result all the same, at this stage. If I can manage to stay on track, March's 5k championships should be the breakthrough.

I am still working hard and not letting up on the training. Streak=40 days and counting. Weeks = 100k each, as this one should be. Although, I am doing today's long run tomorrow and running only 10 or 12k today, I am a bit sleepy! Serves me right for pushing the pace last night.

Jogalong result 5 February
Michelle Wells W40 25:26
Cathy Montalto W55 35:14
106 finishers

Here is an interesting article which might encourage people to enter more races as an integral part of their training. What the author calls "pre-race" and "post-race workouts", we might call long warm-ups and cool-downs. But I totally agree that elite runners should incorporate races into their training, rather than just saving themselves for the rare "important" race. I not only agree, but I practice this too. For example yesterday. Not that I'm elite.


  1. Great try. My $100 bet lasts until the end of the year so you still have time to run the 20:12. Me thinks you'll have to cross the finish line in 20:11 to allow for rounding up.

    I see it's officially a 4.9k now, which sounds about right. My Garmin said it was 4.90k and we all know Garmins never lie.

  2. Mine said 4.86k - same as speedychief's:(

    1. Great Garmins think alike.

    2. So did Janene's, but I'm calling it an all-time PB for the rarely run distance of 4.88k.

  3. I should point out that strictly speaking, my goal is to break 20:12 in 2012.