Wednesday, 1 February 2012

full list of goals for 2012

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, February 01, 2012 with 3 comments
But first: Sophie Erin Falconer has arrived. She is grandchild #13. From the dad: "Very happy to let all know that Sophie Erin Falconer (9lb 7ounces) was welcomed into the world last night. The events as they happened...was tapped on the shoulder at 10.40pm and informed that the waters had broken. Packed the car with necessary bags. Labour progressed rapidly and realised that we were not going to make it to the hospital. Phoned 000 at 10.59pm and delivered the baby with the phone on my shoulder at 11.14pm whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Quite an experience!!!"

Goals for the year: My gym instructor wants us to write down our gym goals for 2012. I didn't really have any, other than attendance, so I have added one. I realise that there was no complete list of my goals in any one place, so here at the start of February is the full list!
• Run 4k or more every day
• Run many 100k weeks
• Do at least 4200k for the year
• Break 20:12 for a 5k race
• Break 90:18 for a Half Marathon
• Complete an Ultramarathon
• Two gym sessions per week
• Two exercise circuits per week
• Ten reverse chin-ups; ten normal chin-ups.
• Flexible enough to wrap fingers around toes without bending knees of course. (that's the new goal.)
• Three minute plank (that's another new goal but an easy one)
• Stay coffee free
• Weight in the low 60’s
• Don’t get injured
• Watch every Coen Brothers movie
• Turn 64!

Last night was the first Summer Series run for 2012. It was windy at Stromlo Forest Park, very windy even for that venue. But at least the temperature had suddenly dropped and it was pleasant running. I trotted round the two lap course in 22:00, with splits of 11:30 and 10:30, enjoying zooming along a bit faster in the second lap. Still no injuries let alone niggles, so I am very pleased. The grass surface is really easy to run on now, unlike all last year when it was in a shocking condition after having been "repaired".


  1. Congrats on lucky #13. I know a Sophie and an Erin - they were both very good junior runners.

    Yes, Stromlo is beautiful at the moment. Wouldn't miss a chance to run out there.

  2. I like your goals and might make a couple of them mine... maybe I'll aim at 16:30 for 5km and 75min for the half, but I only plan on turning 43!!!

  3. 10:52 PM! Does Google not know that we don't live in America?