Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Two birds are sitting on a perch...

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...and one says to the other, "Do you smell fish?"


Ok, now that that's out of my system, here's today's news:

At training last night: Andrew (new, 8k run), Christopher (5k run), Craig (20k run), me (25k run), Rachelle (5k run), Ruth (12k run), Tim (16k run). It was a perfect evening for a long run: no breeze at all, light drizzle the whole time, and even though it was sloshy underfoot it was most pleasant. Not many turned up and we decided not to do intervals seeing as how our usual options were rather waterlogged. My 25k means I have run 86k in the four days Friday thru Monday. Wow! As a result, I did sleep in a little this morning.

It was Tim's last run with us before he heads off to Morocco next week. Bon Voyage, stay safe and well, don't run too hard, see you when you return.

Yesterday's rain down the coast was rather impressive: my eldest daughter lives at Albion Park and she said they had 290mm of rain between 9am and mid afternoon. Anyway, my son in law and their four eldest children were held up for 2-3 hours on the short trip from school to home, trapped between flood waters I think although there was a man swept away by the floods close by who died, and some of the hold-up may have been caused by that. I cannot imagine how hungry my grandchildren would have been when they eventually got home. Not to mention, busting. I know my daughter who was at home with only the one year old was very concerned for their well-being during the hours they had not arrived.

After such a traumatic time for everyone in the area, not just for them, I suspect they may all be rewarded with a day off school today.

Candid Canberra #60

As the wet weather continues, all kinds of things are popping up. And more heavy rain and storms are forecast. As long as we can squeeze in some training between the showers, all will be well.


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