Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Candid Canberra #58: Rosellas

Just one more reason why I love Canberra.

Do come along to Vets Track tonight. I am the Meet Director this week. And it's cool; you can run a good time in the 800m, the 3000m (early), and/or the 3000m/5000m (late).

Acton 5k Video (

Taken by Ewen at the 2.5k turn.

Interesting how wide some runners went at the turn. And check out the cyclists "sharing" the path with us. Week-day cyclists are the worst! The ones in this video give you a hint of what they were like, but they are not too bad compared with ruder ones we experienced that day.

On the other hand, the weekend cyclists we experience in the same area are courteous, polite and friendly. Not so much the lycra clad individual speed merchants, more the ones in recreational cycling groups. We should always return good for good and thank them as they pass by.


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