Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jennifer's baby

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 31, 2011 with 3 comments
Jen and Daniel

Photo by Ruth. Story and more photos at

Candid Canberra #64: path repair

At this rate, it should be all fixed in ten or twenty years


  1. Cute little Aussie! :) Ahh - your trails are being repaired and our streets are being expanded - I can relate. I'm sure the area will be great by the time I'm running with a cane! :)

  2. He'll be winning the parly house hill sprints by the time we're celebrating Aki's 40th.

    Ah, will need tactics for the Boathouse 10k - get in front before the narrow bit!

  3. Oh no - this is part of a race, ACK! Positioning before you get to that area is everything!

    I'll come fly out to cheer for him with those sprints.. I'll be setting records for slowness... walkers tend to slow the pace. :)