Thursday, 23 December 2010


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Customs: No Customs 5k handicap on Fridays 24/12 or 31/12. Customs resumes Friday 7 January.

BBQ Stakes: No BBQ Stakes 6k handicap Wednesday 29/12. BBQ Stakes resumes Wednesday 5 January.

BBQ Stakes Result22/12 

Roger Pilkington 28.20 

Geoff Moore 28.24 

Caroline Campbell 36.02.

Up and Running...                                               21/12/2010

"YMCA of Canberra Runners Club welcomes the announcement by Fairfax Events of its inaugural Australian Running Festival, to be held in Canberra on 9-10 April 2011. (see announcement on website"

"Club president, Geoff Sims said Canberra runners will be pleased, in particular, to see a marathon event in the April program. The new Canberra Times Canberra Marathon maintains the tradition of an Autumn marathon in Canberra, started over three decades ago by the ACT Cross Country Club. YMCA of Canberra Runners Club was established on 24 November 2010 by a resolution of the YMCA of Canberra Board. The aims of the new club are to encourage and promote cross-country and road running and to organise running events in Canberra into the future. YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is independent of the ACT Cross Country Club and is not associated with the dispute that has led the latter club into liquidation. From January 2011, the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club will conduct cross country, road running, jogalong and training events for Canberra's distance running community. Its program of events will be similar to that offered until December 2010 by the ACT Cross Country Club.  YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is pleased to be associated with Fairfax Events in the conduct of its Australian Running Festival.  The club is satisfied that Fairfax Events is committed to maintaining a cooperative and fair relationship with the Canberra running community.  YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is managed by a committee of runners, reporting to the YMCA Board.  The principal office holders are Geoff Sims, President, Sherryl Greathead, Vice-President, Bob Lowry, Secretary and Graeme Small, Treasurer."  


History of establishment of YMCA of Canberra Runners Club: "Arrangements to create the new club began in July 2010. A group of Canberra runners not involved with management of the ACT Cross Country Club formed an association that would be able to organise distance running events in the ACT, should the ACT Cross Country Club be unable to do so.   After exploring the most effective and economic way of administering a running program, and after considering benefits for runners, foundation members of the new association applied to create a distance running club within the YMCA of Canberra. To ensure its ability to meet the needs and expectations of the Canberra running community, the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club has acquired ACT Cross Country Club equipment, rights to use business names for major running events and ownership of the 'Canberra Runner' website.YMCA of Canberra's involvement with athletics extends back to at least 2003, when it established the YMCA Masters Games Athletics Club to conduct the athletics program for the Healthpact 9th Australian Masters Games.  The club has continued to operate as the organiser of National Running Week activities held in Thredbo each January."

"The YMCA of Canberra Runners Club is supporting the inaugural Australian Running Festival, to be staged in Canberra by Fairfax Events over the weekend of 9 and 10 April 2011. Entries are open via the website" 

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