Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Speedygeese in the City to Surf!

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 with 2 comments
Laurie Cullen 49:10
Tim Calver 55:13
Craig Davis 63:45
Jennifer Bright 65:02
Yili Zhu 65:54
Charlie McCormack 65:56
Cathy Newman 66:11
Debbie Cowell 66:15
Kelley Flood 66:53
Mick Horan 66:53
Warrick Howieson 67:12
Kathy Sims 69:43
Bronwyn Calver 71:12
Adam Robinson 72:03
Ewen Thompson 72:04
Bronia Rowe 72:24
Katherine Sheppard 74:04
David Baussmann 74:11
Richard Frost 75:03
Margaret McSpadden 86:07
Ruth Baussmann 86:37
Peter Hogan 102:31
Thanks Bronwyn for digging out these times.

Training last night
Jodie, Bronwyn trained early over the west side hills, while Rachelle, Jennifer, Ewen & I ran early and for a variety of reasons didn't attempt a hill session. Those who arrived for the main session were Caroline, Christopher, Craig, Emma, Helen, Joel, Leanne, Mick C, Neil, Yelena, Sam & Kerrie. We did a similar session to 19 July where we sprinted distances between 40m and 150m up the main Parliament House hill.
Welcome to "new" runners Kerrie and her daughter Sam.


  1. Margaret ran C2S in 86:07 and Gwen ran too in just under 90mins but unofficially.

  2. Yes, thanks Bronwyn! I think Richard was the 75:03 one as he timed himself at just over 75 minutes. Also Bronia Rowe in 72:24.