Tuesday, 3 August 2010

light hearted seriousness

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, August 03, 2010 with 4 comments
A report on training at Parliament House last night: the ground was slippery in places but the rain held off for the entire training session, whether the early 8k run that Ewen, Ruth, Craig and I did, or the hill sprint session to follow. Present were (12) Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Ewen, me, Jodie, Leanne, MickC, Nadine, Neil, Ruth & Susan. Everyone ran 15 x 100m uphill on 2 minutes, Bronwyn and Jodie starting early and finishing as the rest were starting.

Meanwhile Dickson training last Thursday 28 July, present were (10) Alan, Brett, Bronwyn, Craig, me, Joel, Nadine, Neil, Susan & Yelena. We organised teams of three, to run a 25mins relay on a similar figure 8 course on the slope we used the previous week. The teams were Joel/Nadine/Brett, Bronwyn/Craig/Neil, Alan/Yelena/Susan. Runners jogged a circuit after each hard effort.

Here are the speedygeese results from the Bush Capital Bush Marathon events of Saturday

Men 5k run 11 finishers
Men 10k run 16 finishers
Men 16k run 82 finishers
21 Gary Bowen 53 1.15.43
41 Yili Zhu 47 1.25.36
68 Ewen Thompson 53 1.39.27
Men 25k run 58 finishers
25 Craig Davis 41 2.11.55
29 Christopher Lang 59 2.20.14 (ran short but still crossed the finish line???)
40 Michael Horan 51 2.27.10
Men 42k run 25 finishers
11 Roger Pilkington 51 4.12.56
Men 60k run 23 finishers

Women 5k run 17 finishers
4 Yelena Pearson 28 29.26
11 Sharene Hurnen 41 34.32
Women 10k run 17 finishers
Women 16k run 86 finishers
3 Emma Adams 41 1.17.20
21 Annette Sugden 47 1.29.18
40 Susan Sturgeon 36 1.36.08
61 Ruth Baussmann 60 1.44.32
62 Margaret Mcspadden 63 1.44.38
Women 25k run 49 finishers
8 Cathy Newman 49 2.09.57
15 Janene Kingston 46 2.17.19
17 Kylie Malone 37 2.18.08
18 Bronia Rowe 28 2.19.33
36 Katherine Sheppard 39 2.39.59
Women 42k run 14 finishers
Colleen Koh ran but did not finish
Women 60k run 7 finishers
2 Kelley Flood 49 5.51.15

Well done everyone, and I heard conditions were close to perfect, with only a few spots of rain falling towards the end.

What I am reading: "The Complete Father Brown Stories", by G. K. Chesterton. These are short whodunnit stories, and very clever in their approach and their plots. A quote from today's story: "He had a sort of half purpose, which he took just so seriously that its success would crown the holiday, but just so lightly that its failure would not spoil it". That's a good trick if applied to sport!


  1. My mother used to love those Father Brown books. Wasn't there a tv series many years ago?? Gee, there were some amazing times achieved by speedygeese at the Bush Capital - must be your training sessions. :)

  2. Yes how is old "Father Brown"? and what is Ewen doing at training didn't you tell him to "sleep" to recover from his 12 hour days at work?

  3. I don't know and I don't know! I only came across Father Brown a few weeks ago. Via other G K Chesterton stories, where I read that Father Brown was his most loved character.

    These books were written 100 years ago so one's mother could well have read them. I will lend them to mine.

  4. Listen here "old Scott Brown", I made it to training because I only worked 9 hours Monday... was falling asleep during the hills though!