Sunday, 15 August 2010

eternal exercise

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, August 15, 2010 with 3 comments
Commonwealth Games: with less than 50 days to go, here are a couple of links: and

What I am viewing – "The Brothers Grimm". I started watching it a few years ago and hated it. I am watching it again and loving it! No idea why the change.

Foot in it. On my run yesterday I told my ANU friends I was going to load all my favourite songs on to my Blackberry before heading off to Adelaide. One said "Oh, your Blackberry can store music?" I said "yes, and it plays music too". They ALL instantly broke up with laughter.

Thort and tweet.
I have succumbed to twitter. Speedygeoff was taken (how dare they!), as was speedygoose, speedy, and spody. So I am "speedygeese". I am but learning, tweet me!

Eternal exercise

And on that note I leave you. I leave you with a few advance posts, I leave you with a few suggested training sessions, and I leave you with Canberra's weather. I shall return briefly in a few days for the re-election before departing again for a few more. Bye-eee!


  1. Damn. And Speedygeoff's tweets were so tuneful. I'll have to Un-Thort her.

  2. That looks like you Ewen after a 12 hour shift!

  3. Yes Scott - apart from the green skin and lack of a beard, a perfect likeness.