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Athletics needs officials

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Opportunity knocks!

ACTVAC urgently needs members to become qualified officials to help at Track and Field events during the summer season. You can become qualified in ‘Track’, ‘Throws’, ‘Jumps’ or ‘Racewalking’ by attending a seminar to be held in September in conjunction with the winter ‘High Noon’ meets:

Ø       5 September: ‘Track’
Ø       5 September ‘Throws’
Ø       5 September ‘Racewalking’
Ø       19 September ‘Track’ (repeat of 5 September)
Ø       19 September ‘Jumps’
Ø       19 September ‘Racewalking’

All seminars will be conducted by Athletics Australia's ACT Education Officer. There is an initial session of 2 – 3 hours, commencing at 9.30am, followed by a practical session at the High Noon meet on that day.

Participants will receive a copy of the latest IAAF Handbook, an officiating diary and a certificate of attendance. For those that wish to achieve an Athletics Australia qualification, an optional examination will be available 4 weeks after the seminar. The $20 cost per seminar will be met by ACTVAC.

Perhaps you or a family member have been a longstanding participant and are able to contribute your energy and expertise. Or perhaps you have previously been trained as an official and need a little "brushing up". Or maybe you are new to athletics. Everybody is welcome.

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and practice them with elite athletes at the AIS. It could be the beginning of a pathway that could lead you to officiating at events on the international circuit (Go Aussie!) or just helping out at the occasional ACTVAC track night. The choice is yours.

Please consider attending one or more of these seminars where you will get to know more about our sport, meet people and help your club ensure that Track and Field events are held safely and competently. For questions and nominations contact Paul Archer ( , phone 6281 3872).

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  1. It is also worth noting that this doesn't mean you will then be expected to officiate at all events. If there is a big pool of people with the right skills, then that means the load can be shared :-). You can still compete when you want to.