Thursday, 24 December 2009

Speedygeese Form Guide: December 2009 update

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, December 24, 2009 with 7 comments
Amanda Walker: A four year old keeps her on her toes. Will keep improving now that she’s running on her toes.
Andrew Matthews: Runs with the Saturday group (see “Jennifer”) so is likely to run very fast in the future. Mostly on Saturdays, downhill.
Brett Morrison: Recently married (see “Nadine”) so his next life goal is to record a win over her. This will not be too difficult.
Bronwyn Calver: was rumoured to have a day off this year after a particularly torturous mountain race. I will believe it when I see it.
Caroline Campbell: has age percentages I can only dream of. Looks good to improve for the next thirty years or so.
Cathy Montalto: Still running long and fast despite distractions (see “Graeme”).
Christopher Lang: Allegedly runs on the track, but has only been seen there in suit and tie.
Craig Davis: pleasant running companion who should be the second biggest improver in 2010.
Emily McLoughlin : pleasant running companion. Who. IS. Improving. As fast as anyone...
Ewen Thompson: runs with the Saturday group (see “Andrew”) and the only time he has ever been slow was when he failed to enter the 2010 Six Foot Track in time. Will win one or two Vets handicaps instead.
Garry Maher: top sprinter, but a goose out of water when with us distance runners.
Gary Bowen: trains like there’s no tomorrow. Which there isn’t, perhaps.
Graeme Patrick: Has no choice but to keep running to keep up with certain others (see “Cathy”).
Heidi Johnston: Flogs the pants off us in training. Unbeatable.
Helen Larmour: Flogs the pants off us in training. Unbeatable.
Janene Kingston: Flogs the pants off us in training. Unbeatable. If these three were to get together and form a relay team in the next half marathon they would win easily! (Hint hint).
Jennifer Bright: Runs with the Saturday group (see “Ruth”) and has two speeds – sprint and stop.
Jodie Davis: R4YL pin-up girl.
Joel Pearson: still young, still fit, and still happy (see “Yelena”).
Kat Francis: bad luck boys, it’s too late she’s engaged.
Kathy Sims: relatively speaking the best female middle distance runner in Canberra, and continues to inspire.
Katie Forestier: in top form and improving. I have conceded that I cannot keep up with her any more. Especially when the starting gun fires.
Kelley Flood: terrible luck boys, too late, she’s engaged (see “Mick Horan”)
Ken White: still running very fast despite injury, an injury-free 2010 would see some great times.
Maria O’Reilly: still running very fast despite injury, gets the best age percentages of all, an injury-free 2010 would see some great times.
Melanie Tait: Newbie who I predict just might be the most improved in 2010.
Mick Charlton: quiet achiever, due for a couple of wins in the Vets handicap if he plays his cards right and picks his event (see “Ewen”).
Mick Horan: Luckiest boy in the training group (see “Kelley”). As a result, his brilliant form may become patchy.
Miranda Rawlinson: Likes to run when it’s not too hot. Likes to run when it’s not too cold. Biggest problem is that, in Canberra, it’s always either too hot or too cold.
Nadine Morrison: Recently married (see “Brett”) so her next life goal is to remain undefeated when she races him. This will not be too difficult.
Neil Boden: Long legs. Instant improver. Just add leg-speed.
Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee: Last year I predicted she would knock 30 seconds off her 800m time and 60 seconds off her 1500m time. I was right.
Richard Frost: newbie who will improve in 2010, and could challenge Mel and Craig and Andrew for the most improved. Not to mention Ruth. Or Emily. Or...
Ruth Baussmann: Runs with the Saturday group (see “Ewen”) and will improve. One day!
Tim Calver: He’s back! Bring on the coffee. Would be a serious challenge for Troy if they ever trained at the same time and place.
Tony Booth: the only runner (besides speedycoach) who is currently at every training sessions. And we love running around his orchard on Saturdays, much better than running up and down mountains.
Troy Steinman: Fastest runner in the group and currently running PBs. Will be the most improved in 2010 (or have I already used that line?)
Warrick Howieson: trains well but his form is unknown! He is a dark horse, then. Watch out.
Yelena Pearson: still young, still fit, and still happy (see "Joel").
Yili Xhu: hopes to get some consistent training in with us in the new year, and could improve too; actually anyone could be the biggest improver in 2010!
And me: uninjured, unfast, and unimproving, but just might find some form this year, if I keep coming to every session and keep trying to hang onto everybody else. And if I do, my plan is to become the most improved runner in the speedygeese training group. So there.


  1. That's an impressive gaggle of geese! Thanks for including me in the "unbeatable" flock. Now I just need to figure out a way to live up to the hype ;-).

    Thanks for a great year Major Goose, may there be many, many more :-).

  2. love it...I was sitting here actually laughing out loud so lucky there's no one else here except Huxley (dog) & Mickey (cat)...and I did have that day off...

    any suggestions on what my best distance is??!

  3. I will have a look at your times & see what is your best distance.....
    My guess is, 3k to 5k. And if it turn out for example that 3km & 10k are your best distances, it follows that the 5k will be your most improved distance!

    An alternative answer is, whatever you enjoy most!

  4. Forgotten Goose26 December, 2009

    Lol, well done. :)

  5. It's OK forgotten goose, you are one of about 50 I didn't list, I stuck to those who were regulars at training in the last 3 months. Come back!

  6. Geoff, I predict 'most improved' for you - once you pull up your flogged off pants ;)

    My guess is AR's best distance is the very rarely raced 650 metres.

  7. I have conceded. Although I have the ability to unconcede at the drop of any item of clothing but mainly a hat.