Tuesday, 29 December 2009

five gold rings

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Who exactly are speedygeese?
The form guide that appeared last Thursday included those who have trained with us regularly in the last three months or so; if you thought you should have been included you had better (re-)join us soon! My excuse is, if you run elsewhere I don't know what your form is like! Meanwhile, some geese are still goslings: you are a gosling if you run with us and (a) are under 30 years of age, although some over 30 still consider themselves goslings, and Jeni Greenland will always be a gosling; or (b) are a newcomer who has run with us once or twice. Three times and I declare you to be a fully fledged goose.

Names of "official" speedygeese and goslings I highlight here with pink bold!

The speedygeese training group caters for runners of all speeds. There is also a group of walkers who meet on Mondays where and when we do. So walkers/joggers/runners/racers of any standard are catered for. Never be deterred from joining in if you believe you are "too slow". And training is always fun, isn't it?

At training last night (a) we all admired Sheona's engagement ring (not to mention Tim's engagement ring), and (b) a good turn-out of Andrew, Bronwyn, Caroline, Craig, me, Jennifer, Jodie, Joel, Miranda, Ruth, Tim, Tony & Yelena repeated the Rose Garden Steps Relay we ran the previous week: 20 minutes of teams of two running two laps fast and one lap slow, repeated. Not a bad night, we ran in the shade and the temperature dropped somewhat by the time we started.

Meanwhile back here in Holt ACT we ended up with a total of 86mm of Christmas rain in our backyard. Very welcome.

elevater music
Music of the week: En Tout Cas are launching a single from their upcoming EP 'Dengue Fever' at The Evelyn, Friday 8th January. This month it was only $6 to see the Cas live. Just wait until they are popular! En Tout Cas trivia: When they first formed, their name was “elevater”.  I am tipping them to become totally famous. But nothing is certain in the music industry.


  1. Have you put any thought into what we will be doing training wise at Pialligo on Saturdays? You mentioned that was may switch to shorter intervals. We can use that to help entice people to come along as well as the champagne brekkie :-) on Jan 2.

  2. That should say that WE may switch .....

  3. Was may (or, we may) take all week to decide ... nevertheless there was some interest shown on Monday night.

    But. If someone does their own training elsewhere then turns up just for champers & nibblies, what penalty can we impose? You wouldn't believe it, but that is what was being suggested by one intransigent individual who said we don't run far enough!!!

    Yes I agree, make them do a repeat of our session when they first arrive.