Saturday, 28 November 2009

legendary running

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, November 28, 2009 with 5 comments
Out galloped they all from Brattingsborg,
As fast as they could speed ;
But Vitting bold came running behind,
Because he had no steed.
It was hardy Angel fyr,
To Grimselin he cried :
" O, he must on his bare legs run
Who has no horse to ride ! "
And still ran Vitting, and still ran he,
Till with wrath he nigh was wode ;
Then he struck a warrior from his horse
And sat himself on, and rode.

Vets speedygeese track results Thursday 26/11
4x400m Relay
M50 Gary Bowen, W50 Vicki Matthews, M45 Angel Marina, M45 Bruce Graham 4:27.23
M60 Greg Stretton, M60 Geoff Sims, M60 Garry Maher, M60 Jim White 4:45.15
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee, M70 Tony Booth, W30 Vanessa Haverd, W30 Jodie Sims 4:49.33
[W60 Jill Brown. W60 Carol Baird, W60 Susan Archer, W60 Margaret Taylor 5:56.94]

2000m Steeple
M50 Gary Bowen 8:35.15

M35 Troy Steinman 10:40.58 71.1% PB by 8 seconds
W40 Katie Forestier 11:46.71 76.4
M55 Ken White 12:05.47 72.9
W40 Amanda Walker 12:13.51 72.2 PB by 4 seconds
W50 Helen Larmour 12:40.71 77.3
W40 Bronwyn Calver 13:01.89 67.1
W55 Kathy Sims 13:22.32 81.6
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 13:28.57 63.5
W30 Jodie Sims 13:42.17 61.2 PB by 16 seconds
M55 Richard Frost 17:03.01 51.7 established PB

M50 Roger Pilkington 21:45.56 66.3%  20:44.27
M50 Ewen Thompson 22:44.74 64.5  21:59.36
M40 Craig Davis 22:45.47 59.1  22:44.27 established PB
M50 Andrew Matthews 23:22.60 61.7  22:45.47 established PB

A cool, humid night brought some excellent PBs, with Amanda continuing her purple patch, and Troy hanging in longer with faster runners. And it was good to see the newer speedygeese having their first runs on the track: Richard, Andrew. There are still more who could come along and give it a try!

Ode to Gary


  1. There was a 'stuff-up' in the 5000 times - I think 'cause Lance's time is missing. He might have been a lap ahead of Steve.

    Steve 20:10, Roger 20:44, Susan 21:45, Nev 21:56, Moi 21:59, Andrew and Craig 22:44/5 (not sure who won that race). Not sure who was 23:22.

  2. The 23.22 could have been someone doing a cool-down lap? Ewen perhaps? A fast cool-down lap!

  3. No, not me. Maybe Lance didn't run outside the cones to finish and the 23.22 was his after a walk warm-down lap? We need to get Bronwyn onto this - she's good with names of starters.

  4. Lance definitely finished outside the cones...Sherryl G ran on for at least one lap after collecting a finish card for the 3000m, maybe that upset things?

  5. Once again, I was hysterical with laughter watching "Simon's Cat"! I justlove them. Thanks for a good laugh!

    I'll see what I can find from Ewen about a "Hot is Cold" program for you. He's sure to have an answer right at his finger tips!