Friday, 28 August 2009

while the cat's away, the mice play even harder

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As reported by Bronwyn: Thursday night training: attendees: Brett M, Caroline, acting coach Craig, Jerry, Heidi, Janene, Joel, Troy, Yelena & Bronwyn. Warm up: 2.92k (big loop, stretch, small loop). Relay teams of two...10 x 300m efforts anti-clockwise lane 4/ 100m jog clockwise lane 6 (changeover points located in the middle of the straights and the bends)...Troy/Joel, Brett/Bronwyn, Janene/Heidi, Craig/Jerry, Yelena/Caroline. Warm down: 1.21k (small loop)

Instead of training, I attended with Jenny a lively energetic concert at Trinity Christian School involving every student in their Junior School; including our grandchildren Jossie and Liana. I am noting this because something that stood out to me was the almost complete absence of overweight, let alone obese, children. Isn't it wonderful that there is a school where the values of health, fitness, and well-being are being so well promoted and achieved?

Start of the Half Marathon

The "pink" group: runners expecting to complete the course in 1:40 to 2:00 range. I can see about nine of the speedygeese in there.

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  1. You will always get a comment like this from me with this stuff, but it is not the school that has the biggest influence over the kids' life styles, but the parents. The parents of kids sent to schools like this pay for education so they are more likely to care for the choices of the kids, including food and exercise. You will find more obese kids in state schools that are in lower economic areas. However, it's not really apparent there either, a kid can have a bad diet and still look thin due to not getting the right vitamins, etc. Sometimes it is medically related as well. Obesity is always a tough one, and not a thing teachers can raise with parents without stepping on toes, even though there are a few times when we'd like to do it to 'help' the kids. If we did, we'd get sacked for interfering with privacy issues and the like, so schools only try to promote well being through making sport carnivals fun, having lots of non compulsory school sport, providing kids with balls at lunch, and all students must engage in 3 hours of activity and HPE lessons a week until year 10. There is also an emphasis of it in Home Room and Food and nutrition classes. Every school does as much as it can in this area, including the ones that have many obese kids.