Monday, 6 July 2009

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I am still putting together our results from the weekend.
Cross Country Championships results - some times are not yet available, because the AACT in their wisdom take out all Vets-only entrants before they publish. ACTVAC will publish the missing Vets-only results sometime, they are not up yet though, and the ACTCCC later on might just re-merge the two sets to produce the list of actual finishers in order.
12k Championship
Ken: time not yet available, maybe 400m in front of Yili
Yili 56.44
8k Championship
Southy: 32:28
Katie: time not yet available, about 33:20 as I recall
Michelle: 34:38
Me: time not yet available, but it was 34:40 run very evenly

I was working with Michelle from 2k to 7k, she ran away from me after 7k and I nearly caught her again in the finishing sprint. I thought she ran very well. Fiona was also in the mix for the whole race, but we pulled away from her at the finish. She ran very well too and had a gutsy run. My time was pretty poor though, on my standards: I was 90 seconds faster last year, and that would have easily given me gold this year if I could have reproduced it. Instead I got bronze; just behind M60s Paul & Robbie, just ahead of M60s Graeme and Jim. When Des and Kent are not running, ACT M60 races are pretty close. 8k is a bit far for me so it was a slog; but also, my 2k laps were dead even 8:20s. This year I have been much slower than last in all events, and compared with my other 2009 races, this result is pretty good.

Gold Coast results -
10k Heidi Johnstone 45.39
10k Ewen Thompson 45.44
Half Marathon Bronwyn Calver 1:43.50
Marathon Roger Pilkington 3:28.15
I cannot see Alan Duus nor Graeme Patrick in the results, they may have not started.

Nowra King of Mountain results –
I haven't heard how Kelley or any other possible ACT starters went.

Women's Jogalong
I wasn't there this week, so we will have to wait for the results to appear - maybe in a week's time

Plans this week - I will be out of town Tuesday thru Saturday. Sydney should be considerably warmer than Canberra!
Monday 5:30pm Parliament House training: some kind of excellent hill runs
Thursday 5:30pm Dickson track: I won't be there, but the training pattern I am proposing is 4 minutes "on", 3 minutes "off", 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off, 3 on, 4 off, 4 on. A kind of inverse of last week's session.
Saturday 11am Googong Half Marathon. Good luck to all those running. I won't be there but I will be back on Sunday for a long run in the midday sun.

Yesterday's training run from home was Sony Walkman-powered. I treated myself to 75 minutes of some of my favourite music, that of the Incredible String Band. Fantastic running music. Flowing, engaging, hypnotic. The reader who likes occasionally to follow my lead in music may find this band very different and very amazing. Songs like Creation, Ducks on a Pond, Maya. Their eclectic spirituality may just appeal to you.

The last two tracks as I ran were Waltz of the New Moon/ The Water Song

I hear that the emperor of china used to wear iron shoes with ease
We are the tablecloth and also the table also the fable of the dancing leaves

The new moon is rising the axe of the thunder is broken
As never was not since the flood nor yet since the world began
The new moon is shining the angels are washing their windows
Above the years whose jumble sale goes spinning on below
Ask the snail beneath the stone, ask the stone beneath the wall
Are there any stars at all? Like an eagle in the sky
Tell me if air is strong

In the floating pan pipe victories of the golden harvest
Safe in the care of the dear moon

The new moon is rising, the eyelid of God is approaching
The human train the skating raining travelling voice of certainty
The new moon is shining, the harmonious hand is now holding
Lord Krishna's ring, the eagle's wing, the voice of mother everything
Ask the snail beneath the stone, ask the stone beneath the wall
Are there any stars at all? Like an eagle in the sky
Tell me if air is strong

In the floating palaces of the spinning castle
May the fire king's daughter bring water to you…
…Water water see the water flow
Glancing dancing see the water flow
Oh wizard of changes water water water

Dark or silvery mother of life
Water water holy mystery heaven’s daughter
Wizard of changes, teach me the lesson of flowing

God made a song when the world was new
Water’s laughter sings it true
Oh wizard of changes, teach me the lesson of flowing
God made a song when the world was new
Water’s laughter sings it through
Wizard of changes, teach me the lesson of flowing

The Incredible String Band playing at Woodstock. yes, THE Woodstock, but they weren't on the album.

On the subject of good music, it is a good time to be in Barcelona, and I am so jealous!
"The Patrol warmed up the crowd-up on Tuesday night at the Nou Canp in Barcelona as they kicked off the first of their 14 European shows with U2.
"Performing on the unique 360° stage to well over 50,000 people, the band tore through a 45 minute set including recent single Crack The Shutters as well as amongst others classic hits Run, Chasing Cars and Chocolate.
"The U2 tour continues tonight with a second show in Barcelona, before heading to the San Siro in Milan for a pair of show on the 7th and 8th July


  1. I was looking forward to tonight's training, honestly!

    I will be there on Thursday with whistle in hand (or mouth as the case may be)...

  2. Oooh, now I will have to remember who was at Monday training all by myself without your expert assistance!
    Yes we missed you, as we missed the other Gold Coast adventurers, but you all have a very, very good excuse.
    Have a good night Thursday, I will be partying all week in Sydney.

  3. You did OK. Hasn't your training been a bit down on what it was last year?

    I didn't see Heidi at all! She started further back and would have got caught up in the crowds early on, so a much better run than the time shows.