Friday, 3 July 2009

popular culture, and unpopular venues

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Thursday night training.
We were only five at Dickson last night: Brett, Bronwyn, me, Janene & Rod. Despite the fact that rain had been falling heavily at times in Belconnen, it was dry and fine in North Canberra. We ran 4 minutes on/4 off, 3 on/3 off, 2 on/2 off, 3 on/3 off, 4 on. There were only six Bilbys there; we almost outnumbered them. Also, Christine G was training there with a young sprinter. As it turned out, not a bad night for running, despite the threat of rain.

Bad news for Hitler

Saturday's Cross Country
Remember the start times and location: Weston Park:
  • at 11:10am the 8k (Women 20+ and Men 60+: I will run the 8k)
  • at 11:40am the 12k (Men 20-59)
Not the most popular starting times, or venue for that matter, but I am hoping to see you there!

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  1. Thanks for the video Speedygeoff. I'm in tears now and just as I was getting over it, Hitler ends with "And inform my nephew1"