Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Emma the sprinter!

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 with 1 comment
"After coming back from the Canadian Masters Championships I am still very hyped! Thought you might understand the times...not great, but I know there is potential to decrease them!
"Out of the 4 races, got 4 placings....which shows the state of my age category in masters more than anything....but it meant that I got a lot of bling ;)
"Even though I haven't done any specific sprint training.....ran from a standing start, and had high temps and high wind....I had a blast, in fact I was giggling at the end ....beginning to think I should spend some time thinking about sprint training and some throws.....the pentathlon awaits!
"It was great to hear about some pretty amazing masters performers including Olga Kotelko, who is 90 and has about a zillion world records since starting late in life, is also competing in the World Masters in Finland and will be coming to Sydney and has time to coach the local primary school shot-put team! Her biography and many others are on the Canadian Masters Hall of Fame website. Hearing the stories led to more than one person tearing up during the presentation. One of my running buddies here Avril holds the world record for W55 400m, and boy, did she deserve it. Carrying her medals and mine back from the Champs caused a few problems with airport security....(what is that large metal object in your bag?).
800m 2:34:27
200m (straight afterwards) 29:85
400 67:67
100m (-6.3....a wind tunnel!) 15.49.
mile (road) 5:27.
"I am going to try and get a better 100 and 200 time over the next few weeks(with hopefully less wind), but it will be a couple of seasons before I really will know what I am doing!
"The trails will takes to long to get to them here.

"Don't let the frostbite get you.

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  1. Well done Emma! I'll give you 2 seconds for the headwind.