Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Song of the week: "Can You Hear Me?" from Truth Of The World, by Evermore.
"I need to break my silence
Before the oxygen runs out"

Well Easter competition is over. Today I am expecting to be in the Clare Valley -- running of course. I do hear there are some good wineries there though...

Some of the results I won't have posted include Monday's 4x400m relays in which some of our runners will have competed.

So instead, here's a reminder of Home Sweet Home.

Neil at Stromlo


  1. Enjoy the Clare Valley and its wineries. Congratulations to you personally and to all the speedy geese on your performances at the national championships. Your bronze in the 10K is was great, and it sounds as if the 5K and the cross-country were also very good

  2. Hope your sir cumference is satisfactory after sampling all those wines.