Monday, 2 March 2009

stretch every day

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, March 02, 2009 with 4 comments
Today I resume targeting 100km weeks, this for four weeks. On the right you will see a countdown to Easter Sunday the day of the AMA 5k. There are less than six weeks left so I won't have much training time between now and then. Plan A is to simply jog more and race as best I can during the six weeks. If I get the chance to practise running faster than my established 4 minutes per km I will do so.

My plans are to go through a stretch routine every day, and to total 100k of running this week.
Monday 2 March 4:30pm jog; Parliament House training is on.
Tuesday 3 jog.
Wednesday 4 race at ACTMA track, the 5k if I can.
Thursday 5 jog.
Friday 6 jog.
Saturday 7 jog.
Sunday 8 run the Weston Creek Half Marathon at a steady pace.

The Stromlo Running Festival was fantastic. Let's all get involved next year, it will become much, much bigger as the word spreads.

I watched Yelena run her first 6k jogalong, also at Stromlo as part of the running festival. It's a great venue which if used regularly for the Jogalong the women would get to like. I will publish results in a few weeks time when they appear on the CCC website.

On a related topic, we are finding that if we change something, 30% will grumble. Yet change is the dynamic which brings health and life. We are finding that if we admit mistakes, we will be called "inconsistent" or worse, "unreliable". Yet fear of mistakes stands in the way of progress, creativity, innovation. I say, have a go, and learn as you go. That's how "life" works.

Let's stretch ourselves every day by trying new things. Like supporting and attending innovations like the running festival. Like supporting our change to "Masters" and using the opportunity to invite new people to become involved. Like getting a group together to come over to the AMA Nationals in Adelaide so we can support and encourage each other there.

Also, invite me to join your running group or event. Don't think that I just have my plan that I must follow each week without fail. I like doing new things.

Katie on her home course

Chasing John. John will be 60 soon. 60 is the new 40.


  1. So I assume there wasa peak for Melbourne and you have 6 weeks to the BIG 5k. I wish I was there but I cannot fit it in with the Canberra Marathon. So what pace will you be running your 'jogs' at. Do you plan to build a bity more of a base and then do some speed work to sharpen up again for a few weeksbefore the race?

  2. I have every hope of "coming good" and adding speedwork. I had planned to run sets of 200m intervals. But everything is sore and especially this week I just want to cover some extra ground if, as well as the 5k, I am to race at the nationals the 10k and the 8k cross country.
    My jogs are, some days, as slow as 6 mins per k, other days down towards 5s.
    p.s. I will probably enter the Canberra marathon, for a "run" after the nationals.

  3. The Masters' 5k is on Wednesday?

    Is that jogs like the "run with Deek" jog at sub-5 minute ks running up the side of Mt Stromlo?

  4. Our track and field night has been moved to Wednesday instead of Thursday this week; and next week the ACTMA 5k championship is on the Thursday.