Saturday, 14 March 2009

six foot this morning

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, March 14, 2009 with 2 comments
Geoff Barker has done brilliantly in previous six foot track runs but doesn't appear to have made the cut this year...

Pity - the pink shorts will be missed.

Those who are running - and it starts around 8am today - include the evergreen Trevor Jacobs who is a legend in this particular run. Others we will be watching include Vanessa Haverd, Jackie Fairweather, Elle Knight, Rob Walter, Elizabeth Bennett, Steve Appleby, John Kennedy, Pam Muston, Mick Corlis, Kerrie Bremner, Carol Baird, Mary Ann Busteed, and Martin Fryer. And of course the speedygeese who are running: Ewen Thompson, Cathy Newman, Roger Pilkington, and Cathy Montalto.

Meanwhile back in Geelong:

The start of the M60+ 8k cross country

4k into the cross country, and
The finish of the cross country (I was second)

The cross country M60 medallists
The start of the 5000m track (I led briefly)
The 5000m track medallists (I was second)

The finish of the 5000m track (lapping another runner)


  1. Absolutely brilliant photos! Well done - great results and very clever photography!!

  2. Congratulations on two excellent performances