Sunday, 22 March 2009

running for office

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And winning.
Congratulations to Anna Bligh winning the Queensland state elections yesterday, she is the first woman to win an Australian state election. And she succeeded in keeping the other mob out, decisively, against some expectations. Hurrah!

Anna has been a member of the Pat Carroll Running Group (PCRG) in Brisbane for the last four or five years. So she is well known to, and has run with, Kelley and Tesso amongst other good friends.

Spiral 7

This event is unique - handicapped so that the fastest runners start last, and each person moves out one lane on each lap. The photo is a good one because it shows three runners each in their own lane, where in theory the inside runners are un-lapping the ones outside them. Makes for an exciting finish. On this occasion though, Gary on the inside was struggling a bit to keep up with Nadine, one lap ahead of him.

Crows 2009
Competition of another kind begins next weekend with the start of the AFL season.  Go the Crows! In fact, GO Nick Gill, Brad Moran, Brent Reilly, Kurt Tippett, Scott Thompson, Jonathon Griffin, Nathan van Berlo, Myke Cook, Tyson Edwards, Jarrhan Jacky, Michael Doughty, Robert Shirley, Taylor Walker, David Mackay, Brad Symes, Phil Davis, Bernie Vince, Graham Johncock, Ivan Maric, Chris Knights, Andy Otten, Andrew McLeod, Brett Burton, Ben Rutten, Richard Douglas, Scott Stevens, Aaron Kite, James Sellar, Tom Lee, Rory Sloane, Patrick Dangerfield, Jared Petrenko, Greg Gallman, Shaun McKernan, Simon Goodwin (captain), Trent Hentschel, Tony Armstrong, Will Young, Jason Porplyzia, and Nathan Bock.

It all starts with Crows v the hated Collingwood, at the MCG, on Saturday afternoon 28 March. Live on Fox Sports. I will be watching and hoping for an excellent start to the season.

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  1. And its a double "hurrah!" from me!!! I ran with my 'ann4qld' sticker stuck to my top on Saturday :)