Saturday, 14 February 2009

Amanda blitzes her pb, wins gold

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, February 14, 2009 with 3 comments
This morning Amanda ran the race of her life so far, a brilliant 800m to pass Katie and Kathy Southgate down the home straight and win the ACT women's 800m championship. Both Amanda and Katie ran lifetime pbs.

800m times - 3 races, which included the following speedygeese:
Geoff S 2:26.60
Ken 2:27.25
Gary 2:31.17
Kevin 2:35.62
Amanda 2:40.49
Katie 2:42.20
Tony 2:55.29
Kathy 3:02.18

My 3000m was slower than I expected, I was still sore from Thursday and didn't judge the pace too well this time. Great backing up by Katie to run so well only an hour after the 800.

3000m times - 1 race, including:
me 11:47.27 splits 4:00, 3:49, 3:58
Katie 11:55.91
Ewen 12:26.26
Gary 12:29.17
Amanda 12:51.43
Tony 13:58.55

It was quite a poor turn-out considering the weather was perfect for running fast times in distance races. I never know why the word "championship" deters people, but it does. "Championship" races are often the perfect opportunity for runners to improve their times. And the training sessions I conduct are geared towards everyone doing well in them, so in theory anyway we reach them in top form. Maybe next time you'd join in too?


  1. When I took a gander at Amanda's finish I was agog.

    Had to clean my glasses because I thought I was seeing things.

  2. Amanda ran a perfectly judged race - sat off the other two early and killed them in the straight. That said, Amanda looked the winner with 450m to go.

    Lawrie K

  3. those are great results...

    would have been there for the same events but I had an adventure race on!