Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Gurble wurble fromitz

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Song of the week Fiction Family – When She’s Near

This is being released on single and album very soon.

My Top Ten Pet Aversions
1. Television presenters who act, and are treated, as if they are the celebrities. Celebrity worship in general.
2. Cold milk. Especially cold milk on weetbix. And peel. Peel is not a food!
3. Injuries.
4. Dishonesty.
5. Living in the past and eschewing the present. Bit of a worry that, because as soon as dementia sets in, I will be claiming that "The Incredible String Band” (a Scottish folk duo formed in 1965) is the next best thing. Of course, their new album, “Tricks of the Senses”, is being released on 29 January 2009…….. oh, they ARE the next best thing. Gurble wurble fromitz.
6. Americanisation. Of anything.
7. Cheese. Mexican food (when it is saturated in cheese).
8. What I think of as Bad Music. i.e. Country. And Western. Opera. Heavy metal. Rap. “Bread and Butter”. “I’ve Never Been to Me”. “Throw Your Arms Around Me”. (that last is a Hunters and Collectors song if you don’t recognise the name, and even more cringe-worthy than “never been to me”, if that is possible.) And anything by the Bee Gees, who are much worse than one’s memory of them.
9. Television news. Any television news. It is, in 2009, still all one sided propaganda. Reporters and cameramen come in with the story already written and ask questions but don’t listen and rush away uninformed. As remains their audience. Information content: zero.
10 The use of “alleged” and “allegedly” in reports about crime. What nonsense!

While I am there at point ten, another pet aversion is the sympathy and leniency shown by many to criminals and for criminal behaviour. And what lawyers are reported as saying in the defence of criminals like the one below is appalling. 

"Man caught drink driving after life ban"
A Canberra man banned from holding a licence for the rest of his life has been caught drink driving a day after he was granted bail for more driving offences.
Robert Jones was pulled over by police on Saturday night in Holt, a day after being released from custody.
The 62-year-old returned a positive alcohol breath test and admitted to police that he did not hold a driver's licence.
The court heard it was the 15th time he has been charged with driving while disqualified, and the 13th for drink driving.
Jones has already spent nearly four years in jail for driving offences in the ACT and New South Wales.
His lawyer told the court her client had now given his car away and that he had been drinking because he had a terrible week.
Magistrate Grant Lalor refused him bail on the grounds that he might re-offend if released."

And Holt is the suburb I live in. And for every one caught out there are plenty getting away with it. I know just from standing outside my front door that no less than four households within my view have this calibre of person.

Gurble wurble fromitz.

Speaking of fromitz, I am currently "playing" Planetfall. More on that tomorrow, when I report on my top ten secret likes.

Gee it was hot running this morning! The only breeze was when Jackie Fairweather breezed past me, somewhere along the bottom fence line below Hawker, the track between the bottom (southern end) of the Pinnacle and the back of Hawker.  I don't often see people down there, only rabbits, kangaroos, and occasionally foxes, hares.

speedygoose Christopher masquerading as a cyclist. But seeing what their training sessions entail, I fully understand.

From Monday's Canberra Times, page 4.


  1. Opera is AWESOME. I adore Puccini and Wagner and Mozart, some of the best music ever written! However, my operas really do suck, lol. I agree with country music

  2. Opera - I do like the web browser of that name.

  3. Bottles of wine, coffee, bakery goodies after training sessions! How come we don't do that? I'm switching to cycling.

  4. We do. You go home too soon, Ewen.

  5. The only thing that would make that song worse would be if it was badly translated into Japanese.

    I hope you forgive me I'm having a terrible week!

  6. By the way, you can't be serious about not liking country music. How could we do without song titles like....

    "If The Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me"

    and my wife's favorite

    "I Liked You Better Before I knew You So Well"

  7. I see the Japanese give it 5 star ratings out of 5, average of 61 ratings. There is something wrong with the WORLD!

  8. Scott, can you explain to me what "Sweet Fairy, I'm waiting what you Just Take Out Me It's really my dream" means in Japanese?