Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Don’t call me spritely!

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I am not spritely! In fact, lots of people would consider me young, if they were alive today!

Monday training at Parliament House saw Bronwyn, Cathy, Christopher, Ewen, GeoffB, me, Jodie, Joel, MickC, MickH, Neil, Ruth, Yelena & Yili run 12 x 200 with 100 jog, a repeat of last Monday's session. Again it was relatively cool by the time we trained, but we won't be getting any relief for the rest of this week; heat wave conditions are forecast. Let's hope the fire bugs give it a rest this week.

Track Timetable for Thursday January 15
5:45pm 1500m/3000m walk, 3000/5000m run
6:15pm long hurdles 200m/300m/400m
6:30pm 60m
7:00pm 800m handicap
7:30pm 200m
8:00pm 10000m ACT (open) championship
8:10pm Relay 4 x 100m

I think 8:00pm will be too early for the 10k, it is unlikely to start cooling down until 8:30pm or 9:00pm. Of the training group, I know that Cathy and Bronwyn plan to run it.

“We all need to be led on a ‘wild goose chase’ that carries us beyond our limited perspectives” – Mark Batterson, from the book "wild goose chase". I have downloaded the first chapter and may have to buy the book! Seems he is saying that the way to get away from monotony and boredom is to treat life as an adventure. Sounds familiar! More soon as I read the book.

Transformation Key 5: Remove the limits you have placed on yourself and on others. Are you calling yourself something limiting? Don’t limit yourself to what you already know, what you already do! And don’t limit others. Don’t speak of others in the way you have in the past. When our first child was small, I was continually amazed at what he was capable of learning and doing, when given the opportunity and encouragement by his parents to do so. Children are capable of incredible things, much more than we might realise. How much more could adults be capable of if they were allowed, and allowed themselves, to spread their wings and fly? Raise your expectations of what small children can achieve. And what adults are capable of. And most importantly, what you are capable of. Don't pigeonhole yourself, or let others pigeonhole you, from a limited perspective.

Spritely? Don't call me spritely. I will show you "spritely!"


  1. How about "awesome" then?

  2. Awesomely spritely in fact!

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