Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The World Is Your Lobster

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song of the week
ABC television's "Rage" showed three brilliant videos on the weekend; the live version of "Lost" by Coldplay which is my favourite track on the Viva La Vida album and is presumably their third single release; "Take Back The City" by Snow Patrol from an album which has finally been released and which I must acquire asap; and Death Cab For Cutie's "Cath" which is a great track on their latest album and getting JJJ airplay I believe.

I have featured these three songs on my blog in the past, so to resurrect my "song of the week" I have the video for another great DCfC song which has grown on me and is now my equal favourite along with their "Grapevine Fires" from "Narrow Stairs".

song of the week: "Your Heart Is An Empty Room" by Death Cab for Cutie from "Plans".

An Ominous Age
Birthdays about now include Colin last week who turned 47; Kelley this week who will be 48; Grandchild number 3 of 10 Jarod who is 8 today; and this blog’s youngest reader whose 15th birthday was yesterday! That’s not – very –young -any –more –is -it!

Please comment if you are a regular reader and are younger than 15! I am not expecting any comments, surprise me!

8 and 15 are very comfortable ages - although not totally comfortable; the 8 year old has an older sister to keep up with, while the 15 year old should be past the worst of being a teenager, but may not be there quite yet.

But late forties is ominously uncomfortable. The best way of dealing with the approaching-fifty syndrome is to expect the best. 50 won't be too bad, really! I found 60 a hoot!

For all of you, for all sorts of different reasons, the best is yet to come. The world is your lobster.

Monday training was also a taste of what's to come. We ran on a circuit of ~410 metres, pushing the pace for a gentle downhill 200m on a somewhat sandy soft surface, jogging the rest, ten intervals in thirty minutes. For the next few weeks we are going to run the circuit continuously, seeing how many circuits we can run in 45 minutes, still only sprinting 200m of it each time around.

Present were Rae, Mick C, Christopher, Margaret, Carolyne, Amanda, Rachelle, Ruth, Katie, Ken, Neil, Bronwyn, Jodie, me, Helen, Yelena, Joel, Alan & Cathy.

This Thursday's track program
6.00 pm 100m
7.00 pm 4 x 800m Relay
7.15 pm 200m
7.30 pm 400m
7.45 pm 3000m/5000m

The Spring Series events
There are different versions of the Spring Series events around. I have to believe that the calendar on the cross country club website is the correct version. In particular, what is in the November Vetrunner calendar is incorrect!

Edit: the yellow "calendar of events" card put out by the Cross Country Club turns out to be correct, and the calendar found in the ACTCCC website is incorrect. And what I published on 10 October in this blog turns out to be correct!

So, here again is the actual program; and note that all races start at 6:15pm this year:
Tue 4 Nov Weston Park 2/5 km
Tue 11 Nov Black Mountain Peninsula 2/5 km, John Cardiff Close
Tue 18 Nov O'Connor Ridge 2/5 km, Masterman Street, east of the Bruce stadium
Tue 25 Nov Boathouse 2/5 km, Menindee Drive, Parkes
Tue 2 Dec Stromlo Forest Park 2/5 km Uriarra Road

Finishing Bulls Head 27.2k downhill

Hmmm. For those who haven't seen me for a while. A new white beard. Scary.

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  1. It'd be good to have a girlfriend who cleaned the wax out of your ears with her toe.

    The grey beard suits you Geoff - you look like Scott's slightly older twin brother. And hey, bearded runners are faster!