Friday, 29 February 2008


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Last night was a night of miscellaneous handicaps and award events before the 800m and 1500m championships in a week's time (Friday night & Saturday respectively) and the 5000m championship in two weeks time along with end-of-season presentations.

The 3000m highlight was a pb by the much improved Rachelle, who finished second in the Moore series as a result.

M50 Ewen Thompson 11:58.44 70.0% fastest goose!
W40 Amanda Walker 12:42.58 68.8
W35 Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee 12:49.54 66.1 pb!
M45 Roger Pilkington 12:52.10 64.6
W35 Bronwyn Calver 13:16.24 64.9
M65 Tony Booth 15:23.68 64.4

The Pennington 1500m handicap had some good performances, not least Ken running ~5:06 - most consistent that man - and Kevin improving yet again to ~5:10 - good for an M60!

It turned bitterly cold after the Pennington. Not quite as cold as this though!

In the cold wind, and a small field, Roger dropped into top gear for the 8 lap spiral. I suppose he may have won the series. I didn't notice him running flat out in every race this year though. On the other hand, he did run a few marathons through summer as well! The Adler results will come out Sunday afternoon.

Stromlo this Saturday
There are two more Stromlo Saturday sessions before winter training starts. Saturday 1 March and Saturday 15 March, both at 7:30am. (8 March is the 1500m at Bruce as well as the World Cross Country selection trials at Stromlo; 22 March is Easter; and 29 March is the start of Cross Country Club's winter series)

I wonder if this is as painful as men's nipple chafing? I think she will have been sore afterwards? The hot shower is the killer.


  1. It snowed at the ACT cross country champs once. Not enough for snow shoes though.

    I'm backing Kevin to run sub-5 before Ken does.

  2. Hey, whats Ewen doing running a sub 12. Dang! Now I'm gonna have to pull my finger out at our 3k TT on Tuesday.