Thursday, 7 February 2008

Racing Daze

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Friend Tesso is putting in some quality training ready for the Canberra 50k in April. This picture shows that she is going to be well acclimatised if the humidity we have been experiencing this year continues until then.

Because Doug Fry is ill (see yesterday's post) there will be a delay in getting February Jogalong and Tuesday's Summer Series results. I will post news on Doug as I receive it.
So I thought I would post our times for the January jogalong before they get stale, and leave February's until later. The interclub 5000m result has been delayed too.

Speedygeese at the January Jogalong
1. Emma Adams W35 26:45
2. Amanda Walker W40 28:43
71. Rae Palmer W60 30:58
82. Caroline Campbell W65 32:46
92. Bronwyn Calver W35 29:05
104. Barbara Tucker W55 34:32
143. Cathy Montalto W55 32:45

Racing day
It's a 3k day today, nice and cool, and I am nice and rested* compared with last week. Let's hope it's a year's best. Sub 11:39 is the ask - as much "sub" as possible. That would be "nice"!

*by "nice and rested" I mean, last week on Tuesday I raced 5k in extreme heat, whereas this week on Tuesday I ran 20k and had to rest afterwards by having a nap, I was so exhausted.

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  1. That's not rain on the road in the pic, its sweat :-)