Thursday, 21 February 2008

Eye Candy

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, February 21, 2008 with 6 comments
Today, some things with visual appeal.

1. A Magic Eye picture. Scanned from a book, re-sized using Paint, displayed on a screen, and its "hidden picture" is still as awesome. Persist by staring "through" it, it's worth the effort.

2. A goose, of course

3. A reflection. How do you see yourself today?

4. A water scene...

And it is raining now - perfect for a 10k, surely it won't be canceled!

These pictures might benefit from clicking on them to see their full quality.

Finally, as a balance, some Ear Candy (OK I made that up). For all lovers of guitar. This too is brilliant.


  1. I can never make those Magic Eye pictures work.

  2. Don't focus on the picture - focus on an imaginary spot much farther away through the picture. Once you catch sight of the hidden picture it is then easy to tune in to it.

  3. I've tried and tried to see something in those magic pictures but to no avail. I'm sure its a conspiracy. You know, like The Emperors New Clothes :-)

    Great vid!!!

  4. very cool vid and very cool pic! Love the star.... now I can't focus on what I'm typing
    :o) Mon

  5. Don't worry guys - it's just one of those scams to get you staring mindlessly at a picture. The CTV footage of suckers doing this in shopping centres makes for an hilarious Youtube video.

  6. It worked for me - it's really cool but my eyes are all fuzzy now!!