Sunday, 15 April 2007

short post on marathon #33

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, April 15, 2007 with 5 comments
Mission accomplished, done, signed, sealed, delivered, been there, done that, got the racing singlet. My marathon time 3:21.24, splits 1:40.00 exactly to halfway, then 1:41.24. Only two toenails in trouble; no niggles. But what about the rest of the geese??? Brilliant performances all round: Richard ~3:03, Emma ~3:26 (34 minute pb), CJ ~3:28, Maria 3:34 debut; Charlie ~3:45 debut, Gary & Roger up there with them, not sure of their times, Roger ran the 50k; Ruth ~4:08. I will post correct details soonest. Now for some Italian food.

My marathon time was 5 1/2 minutes faster than my target. That's the first goal achieved for the year!


  1. Great result Geoff. I was running near Richard from black mtn back to the finish, he was getting heaps of support.

  2. Great time Geoff, I was with the 4 hr pacer for about 1/2 the race. Then the hill after the hair pin turn knocked me for six . I pulled in at 4.20. That's 20 mins slower than last time. -- Travy

  3. Terrific time Speedy Geoff. You definitely should consider running more marathons in the future as judging by that result there is more in the so called "basement."


  4. Great run there Geoff and it has given me much inspiration as I set out to do my own run in a few hours in Boston.

  5. 3:21 is good Geoff. The sub-3 in a couple of years is looking good now. Emma's improvement is a good inspiration. Great runs from the rest of the geese. Congratulations everyone!