Thursday, 5 April 2007

Chasing Seagulls

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, April 05, 2007 with 2 comments
"The Ten Commandments of Running "
1. Train Hard
2. Make Sacrifices
3. Make Positive Choices
4. Seek Your Potential
5. Set High Goals
6. Relax Under Pressure
7. Attack Pain
8. Push the Pace
9. Work as a Team
10. Run to Win


Anon is popular and famous and wise; he/she is quoted more than anyone else; but I think there could have been room for at least one of my forty training principles! What about "Have Fun"? That one should have been there.

When I started running, in March 1962, I was a student at Adelaide Boys High School (as it was then). There were four levels of ovals between the school buildings and the railway line where Mile End station was situated, and at breaks, up to 1000 students would spread out and play the length of the ovals. When I wasn't swinging from the monkey bars, challenging others to see who could stay on the longest as we tried to pull each other off the bars, I was running on the ovals in a pack of schoolchildren who were trying to hit each other with tennis balls. And if those games weren't happening, the flocks of seagulls that inhabited the ovals - Adelaide city has a large itinerant population of seagulls, as any fan of televised cricket knows - were targets for chasing games; we never caught one, but the existence of so many viable looking targets kept us running hard.

And got us fit.

Come on, children of the 21st century, get out there, and get running. Chase those seagulls. Have fun.

And heed Anon's wise words as well.


  1. Yes, but now the feral little darlings aren't allowed to pull each other off the monkey bars (physical abuse), or even swing on monkey bars unsupervised (dangerous activity), let alone hit each other with tennis balls (more physical abuse) or chase seagulls (avian abuse).

    It's not all the kids' fault. It's partly ours for cladding them in cotton wool.

  2. Isn't there a PS2 game for children of the 21st century - 'Crash Bandicoot, Chasing Seagulls'?