Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Summer Series Race 1

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Hot Field For First 5k

Oh joy! The summer series is so hot. The first race was a cross country over 5k (and a bit) at Weston Park. The first km was crowded and so were the others. Our new starter Erin had her first Canberra race. And our return starter Annette did well despite her hard training session Monday night. We hope to see David again soon, he shouldn't be finishing behind me. And even very very good senior men were beaten by a 15 year old girl - see the full results on the ACTCCC website.

Team Moore results
14. Annette Sugden W40 23:10
16. Cathy Newman W40 24:25
25. Carolyne Kramar W40 26:14
28. Margaret McSpadden W55 27:32
33. Caroline Campbell W60 28:08
40. Ruth Baussmann W55 30:03
41. Erin Dockery W30 30:09

38. Geoff Moore M55 21:40
47. Bob Harlow M55 22:24
48. David Webster M50 22:28
55. Roger Pilkington M45 23:16
70. Mick Charlton M50 25:00
79. Ken Eynon M55 27:24

CJ Tagged Me!!

Hmmm. Better do what she asks.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? – Golly, the same as I am now and working as well. And Jenny was still working as a teacher. We had a teenager still at home, the other two children married and no grandchildren! I was three years into a major form slump that I’m only just crawling out of. We bought a brand new Commodore. And experienced a train trip to Adelaide via Melbourne.

2. Five snacks I enjoy – Frozen So Good; Lemon Sago; Peanut Butter and Honey on Fresh Wholemeal Bread; Vegemite on Fresh Wholemeal Bread Crust; Peanuts preferably Salted. And do I ever enjoy them!

3. Five songs I know all the words to
How Great Thou Art;
Walk On (U2);
Green Eyes (Coldplay);
Higher (Creed);
Oh Boy (Buddy Holly)

4. Five things I'd do as a millionaire – renovate, travel, set up the kids, find a worthy cause to support, invest.

5. Five things I like doing – listening to music, running, hanging out with family, hanging out with friends, hanging out with God.

6. Five favorite toys – this blog, my PC, rubics cube and the like, sudoku, the Canberra Times English cryptic crossword. (not really toys but that's about it!)

And I’m tagging … anyone in Team G who hasn't been tagged yet!
Namely - allrounder, Nick B, Nottslad, R2B, and Tuggeranong Don.

Of the two other Team G members, Lulu has been tagged before, and of course CJ was the one who tagged me.


  1. ....and about time too!

  2. "And even very very good senior men were beaten by a 15 year old girl"

    Emily is the best fast runner

  3. Yes. Not just "any" 15 year old girl. Emily is far and away the best junior prospect in Australia today, She beat the likes of David Osmond (world stair climbing champion and NCG athlete exraordinaire) and was just behind Nick Walshe (not as well known but runs for SCT so is definitely a champion in the making, hey Ewen). She is a minute ahead of her peers nationally, over 4k or so.

  4. Team G thats our team isn't it?
    What do i do?

  5. Certainly r2b. You are invited to answer the same questions as I did, then tag some others to do the same. I have notified "Team G" now via comments on their blogs. And you can look back at others' responses too and see what they have said...