Sunday, 4 December 2005

Team Moore Track Results

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, December 04, 2005 with 7 comments
On Thursday 1 December, this is how you went at the track, according to the Vets timekeepers.

2000m Steeplechase
Geoff Barker 10:50.5
Carol Baird 9:30.4

3000m Steeplechase
Gary Bowen 13:35.0

800m Chris Higgins Memorial Handicap
(you could subtract, say, 2 seconds to get a more likely time)
3 Colin Farlow 2:13.62
5 Neville Madden 2:25.89
10 Richard Faulks 2:24.74
11 Ken White 2:30.15
13 Rod Lynch 2:28.43
15 Maureen Rossiter 2:47.12
18 Gary Bowen 2:26.46
19 Tony Booth 2:49.69
26 Neil Boden 2:47.90
32 Carol Baird 3:05.68
33 Katie Forestier 2:51.49
34 Alice Scott 3:48.90
35 Margaret McSpadden 3:42.51

4x400m Relay
(Mick Horan)
(Robert Barbaro)
Neville Madden
Katie Forestier 4:17.43

(Phil White)
Neil Boden
Vicki Matthews
Ken Gordon 4:20.98

Gary Bowen
(Sue Bourke)
Tony Booth
(Amalendu Edelsten) 4:37.37

Jill Brown
(Margaret Taylor)
Margaret McSpadden
Carol Baird 5:40.34

2000m Walk
Rod Gilchrist 13.14
Geoff Barker 14.33
Carol Baird 12.36
Margaret McSpadden 15.42

Richard Faulks 8.5
Rod Lynch 8.7
Vicki Matthews 8.8
Alex Lloyd 9.1
Pam Faulks 9.7
Maureen Rossiter 9.3

Ken Gordon 25.54
Colin Farlow 28.11
Richard Faulks 27.90
Rod Lynch 30.14
Ian Sanders 33.32
Katie Forestier 32.85
Vicki Matthews 30.44
Alex Lloyd 33.38
Maureen Rossiter 31.88
Jill Brown 34.89
Pam Faulks 39.09 ?

High Jump
Ewen Thompson 1.30
Alex Lloyd 1.30

Long Jump
Vicki Matthews 3.75
Pam Faulks 3.03


  1. spiral 7 results to come. but i can tell you that the head honcho aka speedygeoff had a win. i suppose if you run often enough it is bound to happen eventually. but i should have run a whole minute faster; the handicapping system is very strange.

  2. Very speedy Geoff. So, did you have time for a coffee before second place arrived? Isn't everyone supposed to finish together in a handicap race? Very strange.

  3. He did Ewen, he beat me by 140 metres!!

    Thankyou Geoff, I love that picture much, much, much better :)

  4. Katie in turn was a long long way ahead of third!

  5. Chinup Charlie05 December, 2005

    Where's Katie's picture gone.

  6. The picture
    Turned shy
    Slipped away
    For a cry

  7. She ran away because she's shy

    But you will never see her cry

    But if you put it back she is
    gonna die!!