Saturday, 17 December 2005

The rest of Thursday's track results

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, December 17, 2005 with 5 comments
Further Team Moore achievements for Thursday 15 December. And now that we have the official results, I have corrected the 4 x 800 times and age groups in the post which I published yesterday. (the splits are still estimates).

In the 4 x 800 my educated guess is that the M45, M55, W30, W45, W50, and W60 teams all set Australian records as well as ACT records, and the M50 team's time was "only" an ACT record.

Roger Pilkington 11:51
Gary Bowen 12:14
Michael Leahey 10:42
Ken White 11:58
Geoff Moore 11:59
Tony Booth 13:45
Charlie McCormack 12:47
Charmaine Knobel 14:04

100 Metres
Matthew Hardy 12.61
Rod Lynch 15.20
Sarah Pau 15.93
Katie Forestier 15.68
Vicki Matthews 14.99
Maria O'Reilly 16.44
Maureen Rossiter 15.98

200 Metres
Matthew Hardy 26.09
Richard Faulks 27.04
Rod Lynch 31.63
Geoff Sims 27.35
Jenny Langton 29.02
Katie Forestier 31.71
Charlie McCormack 30.93
Vicki Matthews 30.31
Maria O'Reilly 32.80
Maureen Rossiter 31.08
Jill Brown 33.88

Long Jump
Sarah Pau 3.92

4 x 100 metres
(Sharon Gibbins)
Vicki Matthews
(Sue Bourke)
Kerry Boden 58.39

(John Morton)
Maria O'Reilly
Katie Forestier
(Mick Horan) 58.47

Jill Brown
Maureen Rossiter
(Karen Davis)
(Garry Maher) 58.86

5,000 metres Walk
Kevin Chamberlain 32.38
Rod Gilchrist 35.55
Carol Baird 31.07

1,000 metres Walk
Alice Scott 7.18


  1. The track and field results were done by other than the usual person, who did not have a copy of the current records. :--((

  2. that's OK Friar - you done good!

  3. You slipped that sub-12 in there very quietly Geoff. Well done! I'm jealous!

  4. And the results have now been reformatted.


    Well done to all the relay team competitors, the close finishes made it a great spectator event.

  5. yes Ewen, 11:59 on a hot and windy night is quite pleasing. Splits 4.01, 4.03. 3.54. I was caught and passed by a Ken White finishing flourish, and trying to hold him off during the final lap is what pushed me to the time.