Saturday, 31 December 2005

May all your times be good times!

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, December 31, 2005 with 7 comments

And a Happy New Year to everyone in Team Moore.


  1. Likewise speedygeoff,

    A big Happy New Year to you, your family and the extended 'Team Moore' family.

    Just a thought...

    Maybe over the next 12 months, every member of Team Moore should try to make an effort in getting together so that we can get a current photograph, what do you think?

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN)Bowen

  2. "We are so-oo shy".

    Yes! Let's all get together for a photograph or two. (I know one person who was sad they were away the day of this one!)

  3. Now you are reading my mind!

  4. Yes Griffin, we could have a big 'Team Moore Family Party', oh did you mean at training or something?

    Happy New Year everyone, in 2006 the new team colour is red and they are in store now - I saw them yesterday and they are COOL!!!!

  5. Gary, we wouldn't all fit in the picture... unless we do it at Bruce using the grandstand like in those old school photos!

    Or, we could use the steps at Parly House... or all be just sitting on the roof under the flag!

    Blue is still COOL katie! Happy new year everybody - see you for the first training session of 2006 on Monday night.

  6. Love the orange shoes!

  7. Who's a clever Aki!

    The orange shoes date the picture to pre-April 2005 when green shoes were purchased.

    And what a nice comment.