Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Track and Field program Thursday November 03

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, November 02, 2005 with 2 comments
Once again last Thursday a high proportion of competitors who ran at Vets track, train with Team Moore. And there were some very good performances. An excellent response from this training group, keep up the good work.

Events this week are:
6:00pm "Geoff Moore" 3000m
6:00pm Weight
6:15pm 200
6:30pm 1200m/2000m walk
6:45pm Long Jump
7:00pm 800m
7:00pm Javelin
7:00pm Discus
7:15pm High Jump
7:30pm 100m (Boag)
7:45pm 300m/400m hurdles
7:45pm Javelin
7:45pm Discus
7:45pm Triple Jump
8:00pm 4 x 400m relay
8:15pm 5 lap spiral handicap

I will be hanging around in the general area of the gate to welcome any newcomers to the track. I wonder what the relay will bring? Will any more records be broken?

By the way, only one person turned up for the first of the new training sessions on Tuesday night at North Lyneham. (Hi Trevor!) This is somewhat surprising, as people had lobbied me very strongly to add that session to the weekly program. I have to take the effort to go out there when I am not training at all at the moment, just jogging around, so we will give it one more week before making a decision on its future. (Three people did send me apologies - thanks for that!)

On the other hand, there was a great turnout at Parliament House on Monday night, and guess what! We are finally allowed to run on the grass next to the road around the outside, and on the little slopes, and as well as that, we can see!

Dale was there again. Colin wasn't, so Dale is one up on Colin..... and Col, I bet he's counting.

Hey, I will be at the jogalong on Sunday for a change - that is, if I survive a day trip to Bega on Saturday. So if you are not at track, next time I see some of you will be at the jogalong.

Fly goose fly!


  1. Hi Geoff
    So sorry I didn't make it to North Lyneham yesterday - I think the shortage of people could be related to two factors:
    1. The Summer Cross Country Series has started
    2. Some of us drank too much champagne celebrating Melbourne Cup Day!
    I am ashamed to say I fall into the latter category - oops - sorry!! I will be there next week barring unforeseen circumstances. I enjoy the North Lyneham sessions.

  2. It will be good to see you at Norht Lyneham again .. are you going to try and break your record of five laps in one session? We will bring our dizzy pills.