Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Team Moore results from last Thursday

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 with 5 comments
Full results are on the website.
"Bugs" now fixed (here and on the website). In fact I have now gone in and updated all the website track results to fix truncated names, truncated times, and to improve the lay-out.

Colin Farlow 2:12.0
Michael Rutter 2:32.3
Rod Lynch 2:29.9
Gary Bowen 2:34.4
Roger Pilkington 2:52.1
Michael Leahey 2:29.1
Neville Madden 2:35.1
Mike Worsley 3:12.1
Geoff Barker 3:28.9
Tony Booth 3:04.1
Jenny Langton 2:29.2
Katie Forestier 2:52.3
Charlie McCormack 2:50.1
Carolyne Kramar 3:17.4
Maureen Rossiter 2:52.7
Kathy Sims 2:57.2
Charmaine Knobel 3:05.5
Carol Baird 3:15.9
Jill Brown 3:16.7
Margaret McSpadden 3:38.5

4x200m relay
(John Donovan)
Charlie McCormack
(Garry Maher)
(Rob Cole)

Katie Forestier
Jenny Langton
Kevin Matthews
Michael Rutter

Jill Brown
Kathy Sims
Maria O'Reilly
Maureen Rossiter

3000m Walk
Ewen Thompson 16.33
Geoff Barker 20.19
Rod Gilchrist 20.44
Lisa Wilson 17.51
Alice Scott 22.47

Michael Rutter 12.0
Kevin Matthews 12.4
Richard Faulks 14.0
Katie Forestier 15.8
Maureen Rossiter 15.4
Maria O'Reilly 16.3
Jill Brown 16.7

Michael Rutter 61.5
Gary Bowen 68.4
Geoff Sims 58.9
Mike Worsley 83.3
Jenny Langton 65.7
Maureen Rossiter 72.1
Maria O'Reilly 74.6
Jill Brown 82.1

Long Jump
Michael Rutter 5.41
Kevin Matthews 5.37

High Jump
Ewen Thompson 1.30


  1. Creative results for the walks! I should claim 16:03 which would be a huge PB but 16.3 means a time somewhere between 16:30 and 16:39. I timed myself at roughly 16:33 so that's what it is I guess!

    The 1.3 high jump I should claim as 1.39m but it was only 1.30m

  2. Yes I will be seeing if I can get the website corrected! But right now some people seem to be very sensitive about errors being pointed out ...

  3. chinup charlie23 November, 2005

    Hey Geoff,
    I think it's that time of the year where some people who generally don't let things upset them get a bit sensitive. A lot happens at this time of the year. I for one could do with a bit more sleep, but hey that's life. !!

  4. I now find the "missing" data in the track section of the Vets website is actually present but cell formatting is the problem. I am fixing it right now, along with similar "bugs", and at the same time making the track results in general more readable.

  5. Well done Geoff.

    They are more easily readable now.