Monday, 21 November 2005

How I'm training

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My target for the last three weeks was a weekly distance of 30k, 40k and 50k. I managed to achieve only about 22k the first week, and then came good and ran the 40 and 50k the last two weeks. My proportion of fast training is a bit high - 10% to 20% is optimal, but I have run 30% of it fast-ish. My rationale is that it is not flat out, also that my fitness is reasonable, it is just injury and recovery that is holding me back. If I do "race" on the track this Thursday (in the 3k, not in the 10k or the 1500m relay!) it will be pretty slow; the track is the biggest risk of set-back so I must build effort there more patiently.

It has been an opportunity to do more gym work and exercises, but "busyness" as usual has got in the way so I have only been doing one or two gym sessions a week instead of the three or four I should be.

So the plan is to run again in the BBQ Stakes 6k, the track 3k, and the Customs 5k this week, being content to repeat the efforts of last week, while totalling 60km this week and looking forward to 70km next.

At this rate I will be fit by January.


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