Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Green shoes go!

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Kt's done a great job getting a W30 relay team together for the 4 x 1500 this Thursday - she's the "oldie" in the team but has lined up speedy Jenny Langton, and between them they have recruited two new members to form a great team - which will establish a new ACT record (..thinks; I must check the National record).

The new members are Mel and Anna so when you see them on Thursday, be sure to welcome them. They are speedy too.

All it takes is one keen person in each age group to round up teams. If you think you have missed the boat for the 4 x 1500s, there are still the 4 x 800s coming up soon. There are LOTs of runners in each age group who could be invited, and relays are lots of fun!

So if I find the time very soon, I will dob in individuals in each age group to do some contacting, AND I can give them a list of names....

Then they can take it from there. Good idea? Good on ya Kt.

"Training Groups. Geoff Moore, right, runs one of the club’s many training groups. His group includes some very talented runners and is he seen here with Katie Forestier at the first night of the track and field season." - Jim O'Donnell, feature article, December Vetrunner!


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