Friday, 25 March 2005

Good Friday and Good Luck!

Posted by Ewen on Friday, March 25, 2005 with 2 comments
Easter is upon us. It arrived very early this year – something to do with the full moon. A number of ‘Team Moore’ members have ventured to Brisbane for the Australian Veterans (Masters?) Track and Field Championships. Amongst them is head guru Geoff Moore! I know Geoff has been dogged by injury during the build-up phase of his training. His 19+ minute 5000m run last week showed he is starting to hit some form. I’m predicting 18:56 in Brisbane for Geoff! Now, I must go and find out if there’s a website for the Championships. Good luck Geoff and everyone else in ‘Team Moore’ over the next four days!

I've found a website. It is here. No results yet! I hope the 10k went well Geoff. 40:20 predicted. My guess 39:47!


  1. good guess ewen. I did about 6k at about 46 minute pace before pulling out, achilles went only 400m in. Will try and jog the cross country. no other starts possible!
    John M made up for it with a couple of very good wins. Phil W and Jenny B thrashed the opposition in their best events.

  2. That's a bummer Geoff! Some early full results were in this morning's Canberra Times. I noticed John, Phil and Jenny's results. Also 36:50 from the M60 10k winner and 2:18 from the W50 800m winner!

    Try and enjoy yourself. At least enjoy the weather. It's been a tad chilly here lately.