Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"New bikepath bollards allow for wide runners"

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At training last night, Ewen (his photos and captions, HAHA), Jen & I (pictured) ran 8k early, then we ran 20 x 100m hill sprints on 90 seconds. It is 12 months exactly since we farewelled Sarah-Jayne by running the same session, her favourite. Participating in the hill sprints yesterday were Andy, Christopher, Colin, me, Marilyn, Mick, Ruth & Vanessa.

New bikepath bollards allow for wide runners.

Tail wind.

Having come back from holidays I discover I am tied up on Thursday nights. However Dickson training can continue on Thursdays without me. And when I get time I will catch up on the last few weeks' race results. Not yet.

A red squirrel from Falkirk, Scotland. They are speedy little fellows. Short legs can run very fast.

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  1. It was possible for two narrow runners to squeeze through, thus the conversation didn't need to be interrupted.