Friday, 20 April 2018

This week’s speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 15 April long run report [Jen] On a miserable windy cold Sunday morning - it was of course the Canberra marathon weekend.
A few of us gathered for an unofficial run at 7am at Cooleman ridge.
(While many geese had already set off in flight in their various races at the Australian running festival)
The night before it had been established that a mysterious person had infiltrated our running discussion message group.
Other than discovering she had been impersonating a well-known runner in Canberra we haven’t yet discovered how she came to be there.
With this mystery still in the air we arrived with a big shock - it was 7am and where was Helen!!
She said she was coming??? So we searched high and low - literally in the bushes, under the car... with no success 😟.
It was becoming more and more like an Agatha Christie novel - eerie weather.... strange people appearing in weird places. And other people disappearing in thin air!
We were just about to set off when someone cried “where is Dave!!!!”
Apparently Thach had just found Dave in his car with his head hunched over the steering wheel. Thach declared that Dave looked like he was dead 😱 😱... oh no now we have a body 😳 😳.
They say runners always find the body 😬 😬.
Luckily for us, it was discovered that Thach just didn’t care enough about Dave to investigate any further and that Dave was just have a rather early nanna nap (wonder if this has anything to do with impending 60th birthday next month?)
Finally to continue the theme of missing or weird behaviour - we set off 5 minutes late after coaxing Dave from his cosy nook in his car to discover that he went AWOL after only one kilometre.
He stated later that 3.8 kilometres was a befitting long run for his poor old, sore, tired, cold body.
Anyhow after that rather long introduction here are the facts and stats:
Sarah, Shiree, Thach did around 30ks around Cooleman and beyond
Warrick, Pieta, Isaac and I did 10k. (With Warrick doing a further 9k, Pieta and I another 12k - supporting people at the run festival)

[Edit: for running festival results see last Tuesday's post]

Monday 16 April at Parliament House: 10 x 100m hills, leg speed emphasised, then followed by 10 x 200m top>bottom>top of hill. Pretty much exhausted by the session were Bernado, Jen, Isaac, Bron, Dom, Pieta, Ricky, Tori, Craig, Warrick, Dave, someone else as I was sure there were 12? I supervised and Christopher was seen in the vicinity. Who lost their parking ticket? What other person rode their bicycle through the entry gates? Did he manage to get a new parking ticket?

Thursday 19 April: Speedygeese at Parliament house tonight doing 5x 600 (300) + 300 were Jen, Isaac, Dave, Brendan, Craig, Ricky and me supervising after an early 5k jog.

Everyone was puffin after Monday night's exhausting hill session.


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