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Speedygeese training summary

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Sunday 29 October Speedygeese long run report [Dave]: As the big black G6E pulled into the carpark, she glanced up from the gutter, a fleeting smile as she recognised the car. She first noticed his new shoes as one foot touched the ground, then a leg, calves and quads protruding, if not bulging. She felt the sense of anticipation as the familiar form emerged, those biceps and washboard stomach. As he stood tall and sauntered toward her she rose from the kerbside, hesitantly at first but obviously happy to see him. “Dave”, Narelle exclaimed, shattering my daydream as she towered over my scrawny frame, “you’re early for once”. 😂 😂
And thus began another Speedygeese long run rendezvous. Soon after the others arrived, Matt, Peter, Fiona, Sandeep and first timer Shuji. I should mention also that Thommo dropped in on his bike before the start for a selfie with a local celebrity. 🤣 As I welcomed Shuji and offered some encouragement, explaining that the course was not too hilly or too long today so he could make it, Shuji mentioned that his legs were still a bit sore from when he completed the Sri Chinmoy 104k solo ultra. Oops!! 😱
As we set off on a course designed by yours truly, in 15 degrees with a chilly wind, Ewen immediately volunteered to show the way at the start as I had no idea where we were going. Fortunately Narelle had the course on her Garmin, so I had high hopes. Narelle, Peter, Matt and Shuji broke away early and held onto a good lead. Gazelle Narelle was clearly trying hard to hold back with the main pack. Fiona and I followed, while Sandeep and Ewen were the “sweepers”. I must say it was one of the most peaceful group runs in a while (yes, Jen was not there). 😜
With the first 3km being a very gradual uphill climb on the bikepath, there were early signs of puffing and panting from a few oldies. Sandeep had a look of agony within 100 metres of the start, but Sandeep’s special skill is his poker face – he has a knack of portraying agony in every situation. 😩 Once we reached the west side of Wanniassa hills, a route I have never run before but enjoyed exploring, the rest was easy going with slight undulations.
Today I discovered many of the benefits of running 15k instead of 30 (was being kind to my heel), including an extra hour or so of coffee time. Matt and Peter had already done 15k and found a table when Fiona and I arrived back at “Common Grounds”, where Fiona decided to run a bit further by herself. Ewen and Sandeep arrived half an hour later, having completed 16k. Narelle and Shuji turned up shortly after, with 21k done and dusted.
Meanwhile Bron, Ruth, Jennie and Giles did the Masters handicap and Jen and Mhairi did their own thing, as did Bronwyn. Graeme, Jen and Thach dropped in a while later for the best part (food and caffeine), with various children in tow.
Although Fiona didn’t know the area (being a north sider), I had full confidence in her ability to not get lost doing the extra 6k by herself, as she had already guided me back to the coffee shop despite my attempts to go elsewhere. However, when Fiona had not returned 90 minutes later we did get a bit concerned. Our fears were allayed when Jen successfully stalked her on Strava to find Fiona’s 22k run successfully completed.
With another PB under my belt (2 ½ hours of food and coffee) it was time to head home for the usual Sunday chores of preparing the run report and having a nap. Thanks for the run everyone.

Monday 30 October at Parliament House: the final October Speedygeese session was attended by Jinny, Ewen, Pieta, Ruth, Jen, Isaac, Vanessa, Rae, Christopher, Sandeep, Jennie, Giles, Bronwyn, Colin and me. Using the ~930m circuit we ran laps with little rest in between and treated ourselves to at least one set of push-ups, dips, sit-ups, chin-ups, and even in one case burpees, each lap. Now I will have to consider what training we do in November.

On Thursday 2 November back at Woden, I trotted around supervising intervals on the grass opposite the athletic track – with Colin (8x330m), Bronwyn (8x330m) and Jenny (8 x 220m) + jog-back recoveries.
Bronwyn’s relive is at It is better than mine because I did not run around the track afterwards.
Also warming up with us were Brownie, Ruth, Margaret and Ewen, who then proceeded to race while we trained.

Thompson and Thomson

One Thompson is congratulating the new YCRC President.


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