Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 14 September at Parliament House, Rose Garden 200s, 12 on 2:30, were run by Jen, Isaac, Brendan, Giles, Dave, Ruth, Jennie, Sandeep, Susan and me.

Sunday 17 September. Speedygeese long run report
On a beautiful sunny Canberra Spring morning, with the mercury desperately, but unsuccessfully, pushing yet again for a PB (well, at least it got above zero), speedygeese from all corners of the ACT converged upon Pine Island (except for me[Dave], who was heading to Gordon for some reason 🤣). There were rumours in the carpark that the local paparazzi had infiltrated the group, disguised as me, although his cover was soon blown by his 7 minute ks and small biceps. 💪 💪 💪 He still managed to get some shots of Jen who, for just a moment, was imagining she was Lady Diana (pics already on ebay with bids soaring). 😂 😂
Thach had kindly picked a single 18k out and back course along the river, with no turnoffs so no possibility of getting lost (or so I’m told). The short option was chosen by those brave and disciplened souls who put in a great effort in yesterday’s half marathon….plus Mhairi (I shouldn’t pick on Mhairi – she came a cropper and nearly broke her skinny leg). Along the way I think we discovered Jen’s phobia (apart from bad coffee). Check out the pics of the river crossing. 😮 😱
With perfect weather and views, everyone seemed to enjoy the run, even Mhairi. Distances covered today were Thach and Graeme 21k, Narelle, Shiree and Browny 20k (and Browny got a 20k PB – looks like he’ll be safe in my team for next week’s Sri Chinmoy Ultra Trail Run). Sammy 18k, Mhairi 15k, Jen and Sandeep 14k and a very slow and tired 14k for me. Susan, Peter, and Matt are believed to have competed 18k but it’s not on Strava so it may not have happened? Meanwhile Pieta did a 35k PB training run at LBG – can’t imagine what she’ll do in the marathon when she’s actually trying. 😮
Thach, Sandeep, Browny and I regrouped at the Brew Bar for "coffee" (code for huge breakfast) and Jen joined us after a detour to purchase a more classy coffee en route (apparently she has standards).
By the way, Jen has put together 5 Speedygeese relay teams for the Sri Chinmoy 104k ultra (plus Thach and Adrian are doing it solo), so you’d best get plenty of sleep as it’s going to be a big one (the run report, I mean). Congrats to those who did the Sydney Blackmore marathon today too, including Chris Gammon with a new PB of 3:16:22. Bet he can’t wait to do the 32k leg in ultra next Sunday. 🤣
Thanks to Jen, Sandeep and Chris for the pics. Time for a nanna nap (or maybe a quick lap of the lake and a coffee at Tuggers Maccas).

Monday 18 September 400m hilly loop for 30 minutes of relays at Parliament House: teams were Peter, Paul, Colin; Dave, Bronwyn, Pieta; Warrick Isaac, Thomas&Vanessa; Rae, Jennie, Ruth. Me supervising.

More longer running pics


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