Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 31 August we ran Rose Garden 200s, 12 on 2:30. Participating were Brendan, Isaac, Jen, Dave, Monika (new) and me. Brownie was seen running there too.

Sunday 2 September,
while I was at Stromlo running only 5k because the changing rooms were locked and I had to return home afterwards, the trail group reports [Dave]:
With the house relocation out of the way, the trip to the coast over, and having almost recovered from the marathon effort of the City to Surf run report 3-part miniseries, it’s time to get this run report show on the road again. Thanks to Jen and Giles for the past two weeks’ reports.
The logistics were not so easy, given that the run was leg 3 of the Sri Chinmoy ultra, starting at the arboretum and ending at Dickson. Who was parking at the arbo? Who was parking at Dickson? Who was taking who to the arbo before the start and who was taking who back to the arbo at the end? However, Jen came to the rescue with hitherto unknown strategising skills involving what appeared to be lego people. 🤣 As a result, Mhairi found she could cope without the need for valium, even when Peter deviously took a selfie on black mountain and messaged everyone 10 minutes before the start, saying he was waiting at Black Mountain to start and asking where everyone was. 🤣
Light showers and some ominous clouds threatened the start, and the hands froze, but nothing could stop the gung-ho geese and friends. Newcomer Monika took the lead early and turned back after Black Mountain to finish with 19k. Narelle led the pack most of the rest of the way, as usual, while Adrian took it easy, given that he was planning to run 50k today. The rest of us did the best we could, struggling at times, with audible groans often coming from Mhairi’s direction. At the finish the weather had vastly improved.
In the end Narelle, Shiree, Pete and I finished with 26k, while Mhairi, Adam, Kristy, Elle and Jen completed around 25k. Adrian continued on…and on…and on.
For those doing the Canberra Times run, Jeff did 40:20, Sandeep 49:51 and Andrew finished with 1:08:45 for the 10k. Those who did the 14k included Jennie in 1:23:46, Bronwyn in 1:09:59 and Thomo as pacer par excellence in 1:09:58.
Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, Giles did a 25k from Kambah to Hackett and Thach did a half marathon around Coolemon Ridge. Speedy Geoff enjoyed a 5k at Stromlo Forest Park grass track and Andy J knocked out 8k somewhere on the north side.
Those of us not racing off to Fathers Day events (Jen and I) managed a coffee or two at the arbo. Pete was smart enough to mix running with pleasure by meeting his family for lunch at the arbo.
Thanks for the run everyone and thanks to Jen for organising the logistics. Thanks also to those whose photos I stole.

Monday 4 September was another snowy day at training. Christopher and I trotted around in the vicinity of Bronwyn, Dave and Sandeep who did just 4 x figure 8 loops on 5 minutes before the weather drove us back to our cars, and we drove home in near snow.


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