Wednesday, 15 July 2015

More Monday training sessions

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Monday 13th at Parliament House: it nearly rained but it didn't. It nearly snowed but it didn't. We were well sheltered, but still felt a little of the breeze. I ran early, rugged up. I stayed rugged up as I joined the training group for a variety of hills sprints on 2 minutes. Only the hardy were there. This is true: the only males present were Isaac (aged 11) and yours truly (aged nearly 70). Where were all the adult males? The females were of course better represented, although some were missing. Jen, Pieta, Rae, Ruth, Susan & Vanessa did attend and were running strongly.

Thursday nights have been a slightly different story, with lights temporarily off, various anonymous people were running around in the dark at Dickson. Not everyone; a winter cold or flu has taken out at least six of the regular Thursday night-ers. Including me; I did not attend.
As far as lights are concerned, this Thursday all should be OK, the Kanga Cup has finished and hopefully normal service will have been resumed.

Meanwhile, John Kennedy's photos of the Mount Ainslie handicap

Yours truly

Dave Clarke

Mick Charlton

Maria O'Reilly

Gabe Brown

Stuart Doyle

Caroline Campbell

Medallists! Someone who was actually fourth, Janene **silver, yours truly **bronze.


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